Rihanna poses for pleasure and talks to A $ AP Rocky about pregnancy and romance

Rihanna Who is now in the third trimester of pregnancy, has become the heroine of the new issue of American Enjoy .

On the cover, the singer poses in a lace alaya jumpsuit and for a photoshoot inside the magazine (the author of the photo was the legendary Annie LeBoitz), Rihanna tried on Mark Jacobs, Rick Owens, St. Laurent. A black chiffon dress made by Glenn Martens for Jean Paul Goltier.

In an interview, Rihanna reveals her pregnancy and her relationship with her baby’s father, A $ AP Rocky. The singer mentioned that she has not noticed any change in herself yet because she will soon become a mother and who she will be.

Rihanna, in fact, does not change herself: the singer actively leads a social life and does not leave the pages of fashion chronicles, which are simply amazing and sometimes startling with her outfit.

When I found out I was pregnant, I thought to myself: There is no way for pregnant mothers to go shopping in any department. Sorry, the dress up way is so much fun. I will not let this part of my life disappear because my body is changing.

Rihanna says her stylist is having a hard time right now because her volume is changing rapidly.
The celebrity also commented on one of the most viral outfits that everyone has discussed – a transparent Dior outfit, where she appeared at the brand’s show in Paris.

To me, this dress is actually the most maternity dress I’ve ever worn. But, until that moment, we did not address the image of any woman. So I thought, “Let’s make a woman!”
Rihanna said.

Rihanna’s description of the look included her own brand Savage X Fenti Chain, a choker and thong.
Well, people will still see my panties. So it’s good to be my brand
– Singer counter.

When appearing in public, Rihanna no longer tries to wear off things or hide her belly – rather, the opposite. For this, the singer is sometimes criticized online – some believe that he has exposed his belly too intrusively. But Rihanna does not agree.

My body is going through an incredible time right now, and I’m not going to be ashamed of it. This time should be festive. Why should you hide your pregnancy?
Rihanna became furious.

Rihanna further revealed that the pregnancy was not planned.
I didn’t plan it, but I certainly don’t mind. I didn’t calculate when I ovulated and all that. We just had a good time
– The singer said.

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