Ryan Reynolds recalls a ‘memorable’ urinal for Rexham co-owner Rob

By Corey Atad.

3 minutes ago

Rob McElhenney turned 45 this week, and his good friend Ryan Reynolds knew how to celebrate.

On Thursday, Reynolds shared a video on Twitter showing him standing in the middle of a washroom at the Rexham AFC Racecourse in honor of his football team co-owner.

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“It simply came to our notice then. Not just humans, ā€¯Reynolds began, before someone left the stall to flush the toilet and left without washing his hands. “Today we are celebrating Mr. Co-Chairman, Robert Lucinda McLaughlin with this memorial.”

Popping a champagne cork, the actor added, “Congratulations Rob.”

A plaque above the urinal reads, “This urinal is dedicated to Robert McLaughlin on his birthday – April 14. With love from Wrexham AFC, paid for by Ryan Reynolds.”

“My dream has always been to pee at a bronze plaque on my face. Thank you Ryan for making dreams come true, “wrote the birthday boy and” It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “star.

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McElhenney also marked his own birthday on Twitter, joking about his age and thanking fans for their happy birthday.

Reynolds and McElhenney are currently filming a documentary series about their soccer club called “Welcome to Rexham” which will debut later this year.

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