Safari reveals the best part of its success to its fans

Safari Only his fans and followers reveal the best place of success. Check out the message he shared on his social media account.

Someone else said: ‘Oh! All of you are bringing a lil message #Safaree and serving BAWDY! Is he the target of your summer body? ‘ And one commenter posted it: ‘His head doesn’t match his body.’

One fan said: ‘Don’t mind me, take a seat in the comments’ and a comment posted it: ‘I like this chest tattoo, it looks like a butterfly.’

Another follower said: ‘What are these ??? Big ass clown shoes? Or am I taller? ‘

Another follower said: ‘I understand why Nicky stayed with him as long as he lived,’ and another posted: ‘He cried for Nicky and wanted real love but all the love and hip hop lady Erica Marian Lin was with Nicky. ‘

One fan said: ‘This is an oversized house slipper shaped like a white Jordan’s bootleg for me.’

Someone else said: ‘This friend is like … Idke … washed? … isn’t it Meng’, and one commenter posted it: ‘Why my daughter said this picture should be blurry because she keeps dancing.’

Safari and Erica Mena They are no longer together and more fans believed they would be back on track, but it seems things weren’t like that.

Not too long ago, we published it Erica Mena Fans cheered for her when she announced her formal divorce from the safari. Watch the video in which she shouts that she is an independent woman.

Shed Room notes that it looks like it has officially become a deal when it comes to the marriage of #EricaMena and #Safaree. Erica was out in Tampa recently and she announced to the public that she was officially divorced as she celebrated this new chapter in her life.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and keep an eye on Safaree and Erica’s social media.

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