Sarah Ferguson mistakenly deleted Instagram post using former Prince Andrew’s ban

By Anita so.

52 minutes ago

Sarah Ferguson and her ex-husband Prince Andrew got into trouble with social media over the weekend.

Andrew shared a post on Ferguson’s Instagram account reflecting the 40th anniversary of his departure from the Falklands War with the Royal Navy.

A photo of the prince in a military uniform was posted with a caption: “As I sit here at my desk this cold spring morning, thinking of April 1982, I try to think what is going on in my mind?” Flight decks from HMS INVINCIBLE depart from Portsmouth. “

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“So when I think of the day when a young man went to war, full of courage, I gave back to a changed man,” he continued. “I have discarded childish things and false adventures and given back to a man full of knowledge of human weakness and suffering.”

The post, however, was incorrectly signed “Written by HRH the Duke of York.”

The monarch was stripped of his military title and royal duties in January 2022 after allegations of sexual harassment and the revelation of his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. However, he retained his title and line of succession as Duke of York.

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Although the post was soon deleted and re-posted with its proper title Duke of York, it has since been deleted again.

Meanwhile, below is a throwback photo of the family that Ferguson posted 148 weeks ago on his Instagram:

Ferguson and Andrew were married for six years, before announcing their divorce in 1992. They have daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

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