Sarah Michelle Celebrates her 45th birthday with a special ‘cruel purpose’

By Beka Longmayer.

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Sarah Michelle Geller attended a mini “cruel purpose” reunion on Thursday to mark her 45th birthday.

The actress, who played Katherine Mertewell in the 1999 flick, co-starred with co-stars Selma Blair and Ryan Phillip, as well as director Roger Kumble and producer Neil H. Was depicted with Moritz.

The team was snatched by Jeffrey Ditch in Los Angeles, which is currently inspired by Sam McKinsey’s art with many favorite films.

Sarah Michelle Geller in “Cruel Purpose”. Credit: Columbia / Courtesy Everett Collection / CP Image

The gallery shared reunion photos with a birthday message for the gallery.

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The caption read, “What a joy for the legendary cast, director and producer of ‘Cruel Intentions’ to pose for a surprise visit on rahsarahmgellar’s birthday and Sam McKinsey’s (wkndpartyupdate) brilliant painting!

Both works are included in “Lunch on the Grass: Contemporary Responses to Edward Manet’s Le Dijouna Sur Lo’Herbe”, see May 7! 🌹😍🌹 ‘”

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Geller then posted:

Blair sent Geller a huge birthday wish on Instagram

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Looking back on the star-studded 1999 premiere of ‘Cruel Intentions’

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