Sean Penn admits to being ‘neglected’ by ex-wife Leila George who is still ‘so’

By Jamie Samhan.

3 minutes ago

Sean Penn has regrets about how his marriage to Leila George ended.

Penn, 61, has been married to the Australian actress, 30, from 2020-2021 but admits she is still “in love” with him.

“I am just watching [her] Now on a daily basis, because I’m married. We’ve been technically married for a year, but for five years I’ve been a very neglected person, “he said. Hollywood is authentic Magazine

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Penn made it clear that he was not cheating but “I let myself think that my place was so important in so many other things, and that I was completely depressed and driven to alcohol and ambience at 11am, watching the news, watching the Trump era, watching and I’m disappointed. “

The actor said that the “beautiful, incredibly kind, imaginative, talented young woman” does not want to marry a man “much older than them in the year” can only drink that man and take ambience all day long.

Penn recently enjoyed spending time with George as their dog walks but “doesn’t know what’s going to happen to us.”

“I know that this is my best friend in the world and certainly the most influential, inspiring person, out of my own blood, anyone who wants to be in their life,” he added.

Penn is also changing his life.

“Now, when I wash the dishes, I don’t receive my phone. If I stay with my wife for a day, my phone doesn’t work, even though I’m working on a lot of things. I don’t push them better by accepting more calls. I can keep my phone off and can’t watch the news for 12 hours now. Even when I’m stressed, I’m not as stressed as I used to be. Because we have all broken our hearts at some point. ”

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He concluded, “Although I still need vodka and an ambient to sleep at night, I do not use them to hide from the world as I used to.” I hope I have learned that everything can no longer overlap with me. And I really care about my family, my wife, my life, in ways that I can plan and control. Either way, that’s the theory. “

Penn was recently in Ukraine filming the attack from Russia for a documentary for Vice Studios. He is leading a humanitarian effort to support the war-torn country.

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