Selena Gomez has reacted harshly to all body shammers who continue to comment

As it turned out, the singer sometimes used obscenity in public.

This was announced a couple of years ago Selena Gomez There were significant health problems including lupus, diseased kidneys and high blood pressure. Although all of this negatively affected her appearance, the singer recovered considerably.

Not only was he very worried about it, which caused the artist mental health problems, but a snowball of comments fell on him, where every second he felt it was his duty to say that he had become too fat. He should fix himself before getting on the red carpet.

All of this significantly hurt Selena. In 2019, he even retired from all social networks, because he could no longer read all these comments.

However, Selena has tried to return to the previous form. And it looks like he’s even more successful, but he’s got the extra pounds back as he relaxes a bit. Over time, Gomez realized that no matter how he looked, there would always be people who didn’t like it. Moreover, there are some unrealistic ideas about the ideal of public beauty, which no one can match.

The other day, Selina posted a video on her TikTok stating that she accepted and loved him for who she was and that she stopped caring about scales. Afterwards, the actress in the “Murder in the Same Building” series frankly admits that a few hours ago, she was at one of her favorite fast food cafes, Jack in the Box, and ordered four tacos, three egg rolls, an onion ring and a spicy chicken sandwich. Then, in a rather rude way, Gomez explained that he does not judge himself for what he eats and that other people do not want to do the same. Selina ends her speech by saying, “Dog, I’m just the way I am, and I’m not going to meet anyone’s stupid expectations.”

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