Serena Williams recounts how she saved her own life at the birth of Olympia

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Serena Williams is taking her fans in the first moments after the birth of her daughter Olympia.

In a personal essay Adapted from Advent Story: Women share their experiences as mothersA compilation compiled and shared by Amy Schumer and Christy Turlington Burns SheThe 40-year-old superstar reveals how advocating for herself saved her life after giving birth.

Describing her pregnancy discovery as a “change of allegiance” to her body, Williams explains how her body was devoted to tennis before Olympia, and since becoming a mother, “the push of the game has shifted to me.”

“My body has been involved in tennis for so long. I have endured every unimaginable blow and I know my body, “she wrote.” When I found out I was pregnant two days before the 2017 Australian Open, my body had already changed allegiance. Doing and nurturing that seemingly implemented, unplanned … Since I gave birth to my child, the turning point in the game has shifted for me. I have 23 Grand Slams to my name, more than any other active player. But winning is now a desire and a necessity. No. “

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“I have a beautiful girl in my house; I still want titles, success and respect, but that is not my reason for waking up in the morning. There is more to teaching him about this game than winning, ”he added. “I have learned to dust myself off after defeat, to stand up for what is important at all costs, to call for what is just – even when it makes me unhappy. Giving birth to my baby, it was seen, was a test of how loud and how often I had to call before I finally heard. “

Williams has previously spoken of his traumatic birth experience, and in his essay, he breaks down the chaos in his birthplace, from “meeting without me” to the urgent need for “calm, positive direction.” When Williams decided he would have a C-section, his doctor provided it for him, which the athlete said he was “relieved to leave”.

“Being an athlete often involves controlling your body, driving its energy, but also telling you when to surrender. I was happy and relieved to leave; The power of the room has completely changed, “he explains.” We came up with a clear plan to bring this baby to Earth from this intense, seemingly endless process. “

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It was Williams ’post-birth experience that turned into a battle to respect and listen to his agency. As a black woman, her struggles are not uncommon, a fact that Williams has acknowledged herself.

“In the United States, black women are almost three times more likely to die during or after childbirth than their white counterparts. Many of these deaths are considered preventable by experts, “he shares.” Listening and being properly treated was the difference between life and death for me; I know those statistics will be different if the medical institution listens to the experience of every black woman. ”

Williams described how none of the nurses around him “really listened to what I was saying” until Williams could talk to his doctor and claim a cat scan of his lungs after multiple surgeries.

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“I fought hard, and I was able to scan the cat. I am grateful to him, “he wrote. “Look and see, blood clots have formed in my lungs, and they need to insert a filter into my veins to break the clot before it reaches my heart.”

Williams is back from his postpartum complications and often his fans are watching his sweet bond with 4-year-old Olympia. From their adorable jumpsuits in “King Richard” At the premiere of their luxurious loungewear and iconic tennis look, they can’t be beaten!

And the tennis champion has not ruled out having more children with future husband Alexis Ohanian. Tennis champion in February And She is taking her time when it comes to having more children.

“I definitely want to have more kids, that’s right, balance is key, you know, and I’m just trying to find that balance,” she shared. “I don’t know, it’s always good, okay, are we ready? And I know the clock is ticking so I’m fine, okay, I need to figure out when it will be, but hopefully soon when I I will not feel pressure.

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