Seth McFarlane will voice Ted Bear in the Peacock comedy

Peacock Streaming Series is taking shape based on Seth MacFarlane’s acclaimed duo “Ted” and “Ted 2”. It has been revealed that McFarlane will again voice Ted, a dirty-mouthed, dirty-mouthed, weed-smoking teddy bear. McFarlane is also a producer, executive producer, director and one of the show’s leading performers in the series, which is set to be released in June 2021.

Also starring in McFarlane’s The Orville co-stars Georgia Huigham, Max Burkholder and Scott Grimes, Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh (My American Family) have joined as co-listeners, writers and executive producers.

Set in 1993, Ted Bear’s glory days are over, and he lives in Boston with his best friend, 16-year-old John Bennett, his parents and cousin. Ted may not have the best effect on John, but when a friend needs help, Ted is willing to take risks to help him and his family.

Berkholder will play John Bennett. John is a nice guy and a favorite teenager who grew up awkward. With Ted’s help, he has a much easier time dealing with adolescence.
Huigam played Blair as Bennett, an intelligent and politically correct college student who lives with his uncle Matty, Aunt Susan, and younger cousin John. He is not afraid to be outspoken and often clashes with his more traditional family.

Grimes will play Mattie Bennett, a loud Boston worker who sees himself as the head of the family and does not like to be challenged by anyone, especially his generous-minded niece Blair.

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