Shawn Mendes tried to give himself a ‘grace’ during the Camilla Cabello breakup

By Jamie Samhan.

4 hours ago

Sean Mendes is talking about his recent breakup from Camilla Cabello.

Speaking to Sirius XM’s “The Morning Mash Up”, Mendes said he was “trying not to be too hard.” [himself] About feeling “and giving yourself” grace “.

“I think there was a big realization for me that there are a lot of people in my life that I can count on,” he continued. “I don’t just have to put all my troubles on one person.”

For the Canadian singer, Breakup was learning how to “trust” people like friends and family in his life again.

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Mendes finds a balance between dealing with “my own” things and reaching out to his network.

To help address her concerns, Mendes credits meditation for transforming her life into a “real” one.

“I think the thing I didn’t touch enough was how intense my anxiety was at one point in my life and my anxiety was completely controlling my life,” Mendes said.

Adding, “One of the things that really changed my life and changed the course of my life is meditation.”

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The “When You’re Gone” singer knows that meditation may seem “scary” and “evil” but insists “it’s not that complicated.”

“It’s, it’s really easy … and so it’s a big one for me and I will, and I’ll say it forever because I think I owe a lot to meditation,” he said.

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