Smoky Robinson Wife, Ex-Wife: Inside His Marriage

Music has always been very important Smoky Robinson. After all, that’s what led him to meet his first wife, Claudette Rogers, Whom he welcomed with two children. Although her first marriage did not work out, Motown hitmaker Love did not give up. He went to marry his second wife, Frances GladneyIn 2002.

Smokey, born William Robinson Jr. in 1940, had success with Tamla Records early in his career, a label later renamed Motown. In the late 50’s, he and a few friends formed Miracles, an influential R&B group. Claudette joined the team in 1957 to pick up her brother Emerson “Sony” Rogers‘After he was drafted into the U.S. Army.

Founder of Motown Berry Gordy The hit song “Shop Around” helped the group launch to stardom. During their time with Miracle, Smoky and Cloudet made a special connection. The couple married in 1959. They first became parents in 1968 when they welcomed their son, Berry RobinsonNamed after the record executive who helped them find fame a decade ago.

In 1971, the couple’s daughter, Tamala Robinson, Was born. His name is a tribute to the original Monica of Motown. Also during their marriage, Smokey gives birth to the third child from an extramarital affair, son Trey RobinsonWhich he admits in his book, Smoky: Inside My Life.

Smokey and Claudette’s divorce was finalized in 1986. Kennedy left the Center with Honorable Francis, but still maintained a cordial relationship with his first love for years. She is often featured on her daughter’s Instagram account, chatting with her children and grandchildren and spending time with those who are most important to her.

“Smoky and I had a very, very good relationship at first and then got married. And we were great friends, “said Claudette In February 2020. “Smokey is now married again, so of course, we can’t have the same friendship as before. But it’s all right. We know where we are. You know, he’s a great man, and he’s the father of our children and our grandchildren. “

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