‘Spy Kids’ Reboot Coming to Netflix from Robert Rodriguez

Confirms reboot of ‘Spy Kids’. Robert Rodriguez and Netflix have approved the project, which will have other delivery people in charge of shooting and writing.

Spy Kids Released 21 years ago, that became one of the movies Cult film Courtesy over time Robert Rodriguez and Antonio Banderas , Has made film sequels and other parallel productions, even examining various three-dimensional formats and relating to groundbreaking technologies. A few months ago, we confirmed a development Reboot Led by Rodriguez, and now it The Hollywood Reporter That announcement It will be responsible for premiering the Netflix service.

With Robert Rodriguez, Netflix has decided to collaborate with a filmmaker who has created a series of action and family comedy films, seeking to be as faithful to the spirit of the winning story as possible at the box office. The idea of ​​a streaming giant is clear: re-imagine and re-launch the license for the new era. For streaming platforms, Its filmmaker Dumb Fate Book The author of the latest project, will execute and yield If you do not remember. In Original Spy Kids, Carla Gugino Antonio Banderas is abducted as two elite spies, and their two children, played by Daryl Sabara and Alexa Penavega, are rescued while working on family secrets.

The details of the new Spy Kids plot are being kept unknown, introducing a new home for spies, new adventures and new ideas.

The new film will be co-produced by Skydance Media and franchise rights holder Spieglass Media, who signed a deal with Rodriguez a year ago to revise their licenses for the future. Admit it or not, the Spy Kids sequel is a box office hit, grossing $ 550 million worldwide, including the Spy Kids 2 sequel: All the time in the world (2011). Spy Kids 3-D. The Island of Lost Dreams (2002), Game Over (2003), and Spy Kids.

Why is this project important? Netflix has been rebuilding its family movie and series offerings for months . The The Adam Project Best example of this with Ryan Reynolds: The most watched original family production in recent years. The streaming portal is working hard in this direction. It will be premiere Slumberland Jason Momoa, with Mili Bobby Brown, Enola Homes 2 Charlize Theron, and Kerry Washington, School for good and evil Next month

Spy Kids pays tribute to Rodriguez’s return to Netflix, who made the 2020 superhero film. We can be heroes, which will have a sequel.

Spy Kids Marks Rodriguez’s return to Netflix; We Can be a hero, Who made the 2020 superhero movie, which will also have a sequel.

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