‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin defeats Kevin Owens during the No-Holds-Bared Slagfest

By Brent Fordick.

4 minutes ago

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin returned to the ring for WrestleMania 38 on Saturday, his first time in Square Circle since retiring from pro wrestling 19 years ago.

Austin returned to accept a challenge from Kevin Owens, who was perfectly defeated by the 57-year-old WWE Icon.

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Fans at the Arlington, Texas event roared as Austin showed his presence, driving his signature ATV into the ring (seen in the video above), circling the ring a few times before unloading.

At one point during the No-Hold-Beard, Eating-Goes match, Austin throws Owens over the top rope, leading the two men to take the fight to the spectators.

Austin eventually emerged victorious.

After it was all over, Austin praised his opponent as “outstanding” but noted that “he runs his mouth a little too far and eventually it gets caught up with him.”

Asked what it was like to be back in the ring almost 20 years after his last match, Austin shared his appreciation for the fans.

“You live and die by that mob,” he explained, “and these people are so loyal, so loyal, so embarrassed, they are behind everything you do.”

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