Talented teacher Tom Ball gives judges’ Susan Boyle a moment in ‘Britain’s Got’

By Sarah Quran.

2 minutes ago

After her jaw-dropping performance in “Britain’s Got Talent”, a talented teacher is being called the next Susan Boyle.

Tom Ball stunned the judges with his powerful voice.

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The 23-year-old took to the stage to give a performance “Writing on the Wall” by Sam Smith.

“There are a lot of good singers out there, but the personality doesn’t show. It is clear that you have a good personality and we can see that That, “Simon Cowell mentioned.

“It was one of our best singing voices on the 16-year-old show,” said Amanda Holden.

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With “Yes, the vote from the four judges, the ball will go to the next round of the competition.

Many viewers compared the singer to Susan Boyle, who impressed the judges with her amazing voice and humble personality when she auditioned in 2009.

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