Tamar Braxton makes fans laugh through this video collection

Tamar Braxton He made his fans laugh through a collection of videos filmed by fans See his post below.

‘The truth is there is nothing to do but sing … Meet me there is always something special happening … These are real #Tamarshian videos taken from the show. And I’m grateful that you always feel good about me. (Get all these at Ticketmaster), ‘said Tamar.

Someone said: ‘You sound like a record to me #MyFaveIsBetterThanYours.’

One commenter posted this: “Calling All Lovers is your best album and the best R&B album of the last decade.”

One follower said: ‘lee_luv Are you on a road trip to a show? You don’t want to miss your favorite show list. ‘

One fan said: ‘We love you @tamarbraxton please don’t add NYC to our list,’ and one commenter posted this: ! ‘

Someone else said: ‘We love you! Can’t wait to see all the extra blessings from God for you. ‘

Tamar has revealed to her fans and admirers the horrific heartbreak she left after her sister’s death. Check out what she recently posted on her social media account.

‘Someone lied and said“ it gets easier ”. It’s not. You just continue to live without. On your last birthday, we were all very optimistic and optimistic and said it was not going to be your last birthday. We were right because today and every birthday we will celebrate you exactly as we said. #happy heavenly birthday Our sister’s bond is unbroken. #foreverthebraxtongirls We love you #TrayDay, ‘he said.

One fan said: ‘It’s like living every day with a hole in your heart. But the love you both share transcends time and space! She can feel it, just as you can feel her. That can help fill in some gaps. Thoughts and prayers for you. Long live Tracy. ‘

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