Taron Egerton left the West End show, citing ‘personal reasons’

By Brent Fordick.

3 minutes ago

Taron Egerton is moving away from a production in London’s West End before planning.

Egerton has been starring in a revival of Mike Bartlett’s 2009 play “Cock” at the Ambassadors Theater in London since March, but he has announced that he will be leaving production, leaving the role to his principal until the play ends its scheduled run on June 4.

Egerton’s experience with the play has been marked with difficulty from the beginning, the actor collapsed on stage due to a fainting on the opening night, and later missed several performances when he tested positive for COVID-19.

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Egerton’s UnderStudy, Joel Harper-Jackson, has met both times for the “Rocketman” star and will now take on the role for the duration of the play.

“The part was originally played by Tarn Egerton, who had to withdraw from the production for personal reasons,” the show’s producers said in a statement.

The statement added, “Joel understands the role and has been playing the role of M for the past 10 days when Tarn was absent from production for a positive test for Covid,” the statement added.

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“Joel is an absolute hero. He was a brilliant and talented actor and landed the role on very short notice. The audience is standing and rejoicing, and so am I, “said director Marianne Elliott.

“Joel is an immense talent and we haven’t been lucky enough to have him on board,” said Jonathan Bailey (“Bridgeton”), who starred in the play. “I’m proud to share the stage with him.”

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