Tasha has to take this step following the order of the judge involved in Cardi B.

It has just been released Who is Tasha? This step must be taken following the order of the judge involved Cardi b . See the latest news below.

Shade Room Note: ‘According to @tmz_tv, #TashaK has been instructed to remove old posts about #CardiB from social media and its YouTube page. A judge in Atlanta signed the order Monday, and both sides agreed.

TSR continued: ‘Tasha has five days to comply with the order. As previously reported, Tasha K has filed an appeal in a defamation suit that Cardi won in January. If youtube wins, he will be allowed to upload videos again. But the verdict will remain in force while the appeal is pending. Worried? (Swipe). ‘

Someone said: ‘Imagine you have to go to court to stop someone from slandering you and your family ….’ And one comment posted it: ‘Sis is throwing money at the moment. Give it up and give yourself some dignity, Sasha K. ‘

Another follower said: ‘Put my wife’s name out of your mouth !!!’ And one commenter said: ‘When you learn to mind all business and stop talking about people.’

Someone else said: ‘As he should, it is not right to lie for the sake of opinion.’

Cardi b There is something to be said about the world in 2022 Check out the message he shared on his social media account Here is what he posted on IG below.

Shed Room says: ‘After being asked about his thoughts on what is happening with Russia, he shares his thoughts on what is happening with world leaders !! (Swipe). ‘

Someone else said: ‘I agree with him. If they want to fight so badly then let the leaders fight and we can take our lives. ‘

One commenter posted: ‘It’s true. You can’t express your opinion, ‘and one follower said:’ Citizens have always suffered parallel losses. They don’t care. ‘

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