Thandeway Newton claims that he was not fired from Magic Mike 3 for a reason

The Westworld actress has stated that she withdrew from the production of the sequel, in which Channing Tatum will play, due to personal concerns (via The Guardian).

According to the actress ‘management, “To cope with the family’s anxieties, Newton Warner has decided to step down from producing Warner Bros. Pictures’ Magic Mike’s Last Dance.” Magic Mike’s Last Dance will open on December 21 in theaters.

“Completely wrong,” according to Newton’s representatives, claiming that he was fired by Tatum, who is also working as a producer on the film.

In an announcement made on April 13, it was revealed that Salma Hayek will play the role of Newton, who is scheduled to re-shoot scenes already done with Newton.

The identity of the Eternal Star’s role, as well as precise information about the plot of Magic Mike 3, is being kept secret.

The film is now being produced in London, with former director Steven Soderbergh in charge of the project. Gregory Jacobs, director of the sequel Magic Mike XXL, is the executive producer of the film.
Newton is currently starring in the spy thriller All the Old Knives, where he co-starred with Star Trek actor Chris Pine.

After more than three decades of misspelling her first name, the actress revealed last year that she would start using her real first name in her professional life.

Thandi is a pseudonym given to him by name, which is how he came to be known.

“Since my own name was authentic and beautiful, the director of my first film asked me to use it as a character name in the film. I was pleasantly surprised and agreed,” Newton revealed to himself.

“Then, they used my ‘nickname’ on the credits to distinguish it from the fictional name. They took my chance and stole my identity. And I’m withdrawing my statement.”

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