That’s how the music stars looked on the red carpet

There was a style competition Doa lipa Its tights, moon laferta suits or other color combinations, such as the Teestore suits, but the celebrities had black weights.

Choosing one of dozens of stars to walk the red carpet at the 2022 Grammy Awards may seem impossible. Yet, last night in Las Vegas, the musicians themselves saw the color black.

The style competes with Dua Lipper Tights, Mind Lafarge suits or other colors such as the Teestore suit, but the weight of the black color is much higher among the stars.

Dressed in black, she had more prominent accessories, as Dua Lipa showed when she paired her dress with gold jewelry, which was also present on her dress brooch.

Even J. Balvin Who made the Colores album, chose darker clothing, and her blue hair and red heart stole the attention worn behind her neck.

For Justin Bieber, the concert didn’t feel like a formality because even though it was a suit, he chose a very big one for her. Also, she does not wear a shirt and counts a pink hat.

Lady Gaga was one of the most admired stars for the beauty of her black and white dress, which pulled along the length and the bizarre alternative of Japanese breakfast led her to a yellow dress.

From Colombian Stereo bomb Wear masks for gala if one competes in outstanding style.

Seven South Korean BTSs who ordered attention from the carpet have shared that they want to work with various musicians, including Gaga, Balvin and Olivia Rodrigo.

Socialite Paris Hilton lost beauty with rhinestones and transparent clothing.

Socialist Paris Hilton Rhinestones and transparencies ruin the elegance with a dress.

Doja cat Accentuated its curve with a tight blue dress, which is going to play tricks with it because a groove makes it feel almost too much.

Olivia Rodrigo was another celebrity who chose to use black in her outfit, and she did it with an outfit that she liked very much.

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