The final of the ‘Bell Air’ season ended with a big surprise

By Jamie Samhan.

7 hours ago

Spoiler alert: The following article details the end of the “Bell-Air” season.

“Bell-Air” ended in a nasty twist.

After the first season of the play, based on Will Smith’s 90s sitcom “Fresh Prince of Bell Air,” ended, Will (Jabri Banks) told his mother V (April Parker Jones) and Uncle Phil (Adrian Holmes). That his father Lu had abandoned his family.

In a surprise move, Lou (Marlon Owens) returns after spending time in prison, explaining that he does not want his son to see him in prison.

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“Bell-Air” Photo: Peacock

Tony winner Ben Verin played the lead role of Will’s father.

Twitter must have been surprised to see Wayans pop up:

Co-listeners and executive producers TJ spoke with Brady and Rashed Newson Deadline About picking Wayans for the role.

“We knew he would be fine, but he would be amazing,” Newson said. “There are a lot of people who were clear candidates. But we wanted someone to tell the audience, ‘OK, wait a minute.’ We wanted it to feel fresh. We didn’t want anyone to think that the role they played in another series was the same again. “

“Bell-Air” Photo: Peacock

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However, it’s not clear how many Wayans fans Lou will see. Brady has stated that he is not sure “whether he will be regular” and adds “I hope to see him again.”

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