The potential of the character in MCU is endless, says its producer

Grant Curtis assures that the new Marvel Studio Superhero can be added to any future editing project.

Moon Night Released With relative success at Disney + . March 30, Oscar Isaac Marvel has made its debut in the Cinematic Universe with one of the most complex characters we’ve seen in the House of Ideas superhero genre. The pilot episode is a declaration of purpose, with a modus operandi revealing its own identity, brightening the character of Mark Specter with a unique personality.

However, moving away from the tone seen at Marvel Studios, many outlets and viewers are wondering how Moon Knight could join other characters with whom he shares a home. Give hope for this relief and The future of Moon Night at UCM Producer of fiction, Grant Curtis Talked openly with Collider About the alternatives he believes the character can have.

In short, and to satisfy your hunger, Moon Night can happen in any environment Thanks to multiple personalities and different tones embraced in the series. Be it comedy, horror or action, its character Oscar Isaac can move like a fish in water .

“Because with this series we’ve discovered some really interesting strategies – action adventures around the world, the role of nightmares, the study of mental health or the role of humor – wherever [Kevin Feige] The president of Marvel is interested in this role in the future, it will have no corner MCU That moon night can’t be normal. “

In other words, it is certain that we will see the Moon Night Marvel Studios character features are included in the film Even participating in other series. For now, though, it’s time to focus on his series, which is still in full swing.

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