The relationship between Chrysal Stoj and Jason Oppenheim does not make everyone happy

By Jamie Samhan.

32 seconds ago

Things are heating up in the office and behind closed doors in Season Five of “Selling Sunset”.

In the newly released trailer, the relationship between Chrysal Stowes and Jason Oppenheim is at the front and center.

While most of the other agents are thrilled that Stuuss and Oppenheim are dating, Christine Quinn isn’t.

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“I was wondering why I couldn’t get the list,” Quinn asked in the trailer. “And then I said, ‘Oh, yes, because I’m not the king of my boss.’

Stuart said in a separate conversation, “It’s coming from the rich. You know what I am the king of bosses. “

Oppenheim and Stuart have split which will probably be shown in the upcoming episodes.

Viewers have also been introduced to new realtor Chelsea Lajkani, who appears to have teamed up with Quinn as a “black and blonde Barbie”.

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However, with Lazakoni this means that there is not enough space for everyone else to keep going and that she has to decide who will go to Mary Fitzgerald in her new role as manager.

The season of “Selling Sunset” will begin on April 22 on Netflix

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