The social media feud between Ari Fletcher, G. Harbo and Taina Williams spread

Their dirty laundry has just been leaked online, with Arie Fletcher, the main co-parent, expressing concern, Yes, I will And his fiance Taina Williams .

Ariana and Harbor’s son Ari were upset over a joke about having another baby.

According to many Twitter users, the baby was behaving in May 2020 due to the neglect of Harbor due to the birth of her son and a baby girl on the way.

In response to Ari’s videos of their child, Harbo said on Instagram Stories, “What kind of sick person, man do you have to be whether a three-year-old likes or dislikes his own siblings?” , Blood flesh? “

“I don’t understand,” he said. A mother’s relationship with her child is much different than her father’s relationship with her child.

Ari responded to the Harbor video with a lengthy Instagram story where she claimed that Tina was “cruel” to her child and left her scarred.

“Once you tell the truth, how is it? Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! That’s what Tina did to you when you left. He told you, but he did not help. Harbo emailed Ari on March 31: “She’s tough on him and she doesn’t like him.

So far, Harbo has not responded to a request for comment.

He defended his future wife, but not their child, he claims.

My baby was lying when I called and said he couldn’t be around her. You [Herbo] Said you can see your son if he can’t … “WTF?”

The way your other child’s mother treats her, she probably doesn’t want me to have any more children. “You got him for a day, posted on Instagram and then left.”

Ari’s tweet was reposted by The Shade Room, and Harbo simply said, “If you think I’m going to let someone abuse my son, you’re all stupid.”

Tina spoke to Auri. A “false narrative” has been created about his character, he said, portraying him as a child molester.

Taina said she loves Ari’s son with Harbo and would “never point a finger” at a young man while posting a picture of them together.

Her son’s feelings for Taina and his behavior around his father’s fiance were repeated.

To prove his point, he sent an audio clip of the child criticizing Tina on Instagram.

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