The ‘The View’ host questions Dr. Oz’s Republican support for his celebrity

By Anita so.

10 minutes ago

The hosts of “The View” were not impressed by the attitude of some Republican politicians towards Dr. Oz.

They discussed the recent controversial approval of Dr. Oz by Republicans like Donald Trump and how this decision did not sit well with everyone in the GOP.

Showing a clip from Fox News where anchor Laura Ingraham called the approval a “mistake,” leaving women confused as to whether celebrity status in elections exceeds that of political intelligence.

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“I think it’s the religion of celebrities, isn’t it? I was shocked by a lot of people saying that Donald Trump won his business record because he would bankrupt the casino and he was not a real businessman, ”Sunny Hostin shared.

The host continued, reminding people that the celebrity doctor was actually on fire for advertising his controversial weight loss pills.

“I thought he had somehow gotten into a bad reputation, but it’s definitely not important to a lot of people,” Houston said. It certainly doesn’t matter to the former, twice-insulted, impeached president. “

He pointed to the campaign of former football star Herschel Walker in Georgia, where he led the election despite claims of his business history and fraudulent education.

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Guest-host Julia Hart commented, “Just because someone has skills in one area doesn’t guarantee that they will gain skills in another.” “So, to me, I understand it’s a recognition of that name, where you feel like it’s someone you know. You feel comfortable with that person. But then you have to look behind the scenes of their public personalities and see, ‘What does this person really stand for? What does he want? ‘

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