The Week in Drag – Lip Sync Fashion, Jasmine Kennedy and more

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to our latest compilation of all things.

We are still in the middle of the longest season Rupel’s drag race Ever, but at least we have plenty of great new content to enjoy from some of your favorite “Ru-cappers” with last week’s Lip Sync SmackDown.

Lastly The dragging week, We have the advice of James Mansfield’s Wig Wizard, Bob and Monet, and a makeup review of Trixie Mattel. A lot has happened at Drag Race World this week, so let’s get on with it and get it on the runway as always!

If you are going to talk about an all-lip sync episode Drag raceIt would be a crime not to invite the established lip sync killer Counting silky nutmeg To offer his two cents in performance. He joins Monet X change To discuss the episode and to share the behind-the-scenes story of All Stars 6 on “The Pit Stop”.

Aja of Season 9 is joining Bob the Drag Queen To rate and review SmackDown performance and show up in “Purse First Impressions”.

Although we didn’t find a perfect runway in last week’s episode, the queens wore costumes to impress with their lip sink look and The king And Gotmick Here’s a look at some of the doll’s best dance costumes in “Fashion Photo Review”.

And, since there is always room for a second (or even a bootleg) opinion, Yuhua Hamasaki And Alexis Michelle Come here to dissect SmackDown looks in the latest episode of “Bootleg Opinion”.

Jasmine Kennedy, Lady Camden And Power with Betty Join Nayesha Lopez And Betty Davis (And tea spread behind the scenes) During last week’s Lalaparuja Lip Sync SmackDown Roscoe’s viewing party.

Finally, after weeks of feeling like that, a queen was finally sent home – and I’m actually going to miss her. Jasmine Kennedy talks about her experience, her transformation and her fashion on the show with her beautiful bone formation Michelle’s face “What’s packing?”

Tuesday night, Jennifer Lopez iHeartRadio was awarded the Icon Award at the Music Awards Gesture Star Billy Porter And some of your favorites Drag race J-Locke pays homage during the Alams ceremony. Kerry Colby, Naisha Lopez, April Carion, Morgan McMichales, Kimora Black, Georgias, Alyssa Hunter, Jessica Wilde, Maria Paris Balenciaga, And False Estranza Shane on stage for some entertainment of Jane’s most iconic look and I can’t stop seeing their entrance.

Trixie Mattel Lives a luxurious life and makes her face with expensive products. Will $ 1300 worth of makeup make a difference in the look of Trixie? See and find out.

Producer of Trixie and KatyaA new series of “UNHhhh”, Ron and Jeff, is coming to WOW Presents Plus called “Hey Are Humans”. Here’s the premise: In the future humans will be extinct and robots will rule the world. A sensitive slot machine, lamp and Jackhammer Robot are members of the High Council. They discovered ancient video chats of human celebrities sharing stories of sex, love and money. In an effort to better understand their creators, robots look at these time capsules of humanity and ask themselves: Why humans? This is one of the many new shows coming to the streaming service this spring and there is no better tie to sign up for. New customers get two months free with WOW Presents Plus annual subscription, sign up today:

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Wow Presents Plus this spring

Bob and Monet may not be licensed therapists, but they do give some sage advice to fans about recent “sibling counseling.” Here the pair share tips on starting a podcast, discussing the early days of pulling them out and helping a listener go through a dry spell – and engaging in some hilarious chat as always.

Bob has a lot of opinions … on everything … and everyone … and here’s a compilation of (and) talking about his predecessor, Violet Chachki.

On Rock M. SakuraFollowing her latest “We Have That At Home” video, she follows the ad for her bald hat Sasha Vellore Makeup tutorial video.

James Mansfield We’ve had two wig makeovers this week as part of her “Iconic Blonde” series. First, she went back to the ’60s to recreate the trademark curls of “At Last” singer Eta James, and then back in 1959 to pay homage to OG Doll, Barbie and her iconic ponytail and striped swimwear.

And that’s it for this week. We keep you up to date with new music from our favorite interviewers, Joseph Shepherd, Who has just released his first single, “Don’t Call Me.” The video pays homage to Scream and Features Zimbo As Ghostface. I mean more? Until we meet again, stay healthy, stay safe and say love!

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