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Hello, hello, hello! Welcome Week in a rowAnother installment of the latest news and updates from Rupel’s drag race World.

In less than a week, we will have a new member of the Drag Race Hall of Fame, and (apparently) right after that, some fierce former winners are fighting for a new crown. We have news of a delicious new way to celebrate at parties you visit and reveal how you can catch 14 of the top five in your city and some of your favorite queens.

As always, we have a lot to share, so let’s get it on the runway!

Of course, the biggest news of the week is the announcement of the Queen’s return to work RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7. On Wednesday, we learned that there had been eight winners The king (Season 3), Zincx rain (Season 5), Monet X change And Trinity the Tuck (All stars 4), Evie Odley (Season 11), Zaida Essence Hall (Season 12), Vivienne (Drag Race UK Season 1), and Shea Couleé (All stars 5). In addition to the iBragging rights and another place in the Hall of Fame, the winning queen will receive a cash prize of $ 200,000. RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7 And Untucked Debut on Friday, May 20 at Paramount +.

Last week Rupel’s drag raceOur top five has become … well, our final five, e.g. Willow Pill, Sit down, Lady Camden, Diba Betty And Angeria Paris van Michaels Season 14 took place in the final. Bob the Drag Queen And the Monet X Change talks about the “catwalk” video and the look of the runway “The Pit Stop”.

King and Gotmick Break and boot the winning fashions from last week’s runway in “Fashion Photo Review”. (Anyway, if any of them need to be sub while King is on All Star, I’m available.)

What could be better? Yuhua Hamasaki Are you a “winner, baby” sharing his “bootleg opinion” about fashion? How about Yuhua And Drag Race CanadaOf Zimbo Look at them sharing two cents? Don’t miss this one.

Race Chaser William And Alaska The last to join is the Queen Betty Davis And Nayesha Lopez For Roscoe’s viewing party of the last episode. It’s almost like being there!

If you want to see the top five queens live, you have the opportunity to take a Work the World Tour to a city near you. WERQ The World’s brand new 2022 is being produced this summer in more than 50 major cities across the United States and Canada. A test went wrong with the audience wandering over time with no way back in 2022!

Join Rupel’s drag race Dear Cameron Michaels, Roses, Vanessa Vanji, Evie Odley And the top five of the season – Angeria, Bosco, Kindness Betty, Lady Camden and Willow Peel, as well as Season 14’s Lip Sync Assassin, Georgia, A journey through the iconic period of history in the hope of returning fans in 2022. The tour will stop at some of the largest theaters on the continent, including Vos Events, World of Wonder and VH1, including the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium and Radio City in New York City. Music Hall. The show premiered in Fort Lauderdale on July 8 and smashed across North America throughout the summer. Tickets are now on sale at

Last week Drag Race EspanaThe Queens paid homage to the film by legendary Spanish director Pedro Almodোদvar and brought some of his most memorable characters to the runway. Alexis Mateo And Theft May Break and boot looks in “Fashion Photo Review”.

We love Hani Davenport Here in Socialite Life and this fictional queen is the latest to be “unveiled” by our favorite interviewer (and now pop star) Joseph Shepherd. Check out their chat and get to know this sweet queen.

I had the good fortune to watch “Trixie and Katia Live” (with Kelly Mantel) Last week (and if they’re coming to your town … run, don’t walk to the theater.) In this video, he talks about the Trixie tour and more while he’s getting ready for a gig in Seattle.

Before the Trixie and Cutie shows, we saw a preview of season seven of their hilarious digital series “UNHhhhh” and now you’ll see it too! New episodes are coming your way on Wednesday 20th April at WOW Presents Plus

Is Rupel anything? Can’t To do? Mama Ru has entered the ready-to-drink cocktail market with the introduction of House of Love cocktails and mocktails. A collaboration between World of Wonder, Rupel and Marina Han, founder of SVEDKA VODKA, this line celebrates everyone who lives with pride. Fresh and gourmet cocktails for those 21+ people come in four different flavors: watermelon vodka, tangerine margarita, strawberry daiquiri and pomegranate lime vodka. And, to welcome everyone to the House of Love, this line includes two mouth-watering mocktail flavors, including Ginger Mule and Colada.

The House of Love 12oz can be found in 4-pack or 24-can “viewing party boxes”, designed to be shared with friends and fellow fans while tuning in to “Rupel’s Drag Race” or staging your own party. Purchasing a “viewing party box” will unlock all 30-day access passes for curated drag content, world premieres, snooker picks from Wow Presents Plus shows, and House of Love March flash sales. The House of Love is available for sale on April 15 at, and participants in the upcoming RuPaul’s DragCon Los Angeles will be among the first to have access to drinks. Fans will be able to purchase drinks online exclusively at on Friday 20 May.

Moe Hart Fashion talks with the singer of the mysterious country Orville PeckWho talks about his iconic mask in the latest episode of his Amazon music series “The Walk In”.

See more

Drag Race Espana Season 2

Bob the Drag Queen He’s back with another “On Winner” video. This time, he talks about the Season Nine winner and fellow Big Apple performer Sasha Vellore.

A fantastic documentary about Season Seven Queen Mrs. Kasha Davis Going to DVD and streaming services near you Working horse queen, Directed by Angela Washko, follows MKD as she navigates post-race life and fame. The picture also includes a drag race alarm Bianca del Rio, Darien Lake, TatianaAnd Pandora’s boxAs well as leaders of the destructive performance community around the world and drag queens who have been rejected or who have been rejected by reality TV platforms.

“Workhorse Queen is a true story of perseverance, a reminder that you are never too old to pursue your dreams,” Matisco said. “We are thrilled to be able to count this amazing documentary as part of our diverse and inclusive LGBTQ lineup.” Workhorse Queen will come on May 3 along with DVD, digital, VOD platforms including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and Voodoo.

Rock M. Sakura Counted this month as J-Pop and K-Pop Month. In this video, he is training like K-pop band NiziU Watch the first episode of “Idol Making”.

James Mansfield Another “Iconic Blondes” wig is back with entertainment. This time, he paid homage to the Mexican chanteuse Pauline Rubio.

I literally bought new Dolly Parton Cake Mix Yesterday and James Mansfield came to show me how to make his delicious coconut cake. Hopefully, when I make my own cake, it won’t look like anything It’s a nail!

And that’s it for this week. We will give you the latest video of Trixie Mattel. Enjoy “Let’s Loretta” and hope those who celebrate Easter are very happy. Until next time, stay healthy, stay safe and say love!

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