The Weekend gets surgery from Jim Carrey and sings karaoke with ‘squid game’ star

By Anita so.

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A new video from “Out of Time” released on Tuesday features a jam-packed night on The Weekend.

In the city’s pop-inspired music video, Weekend sings karaoke with “squid game” actress Hoyen Jung.

The 32-year-old sings and dances to his own tune and even enjoys a beautiful candle-lit dinner at a bar.

As the evening draws to a close, the weekend appears to be indescribably old, with Jim Carrey misrepresenting the voice of a radio personality.

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The Weekend - Photo: Matilda Finn
The Weekend – Photo: Matilda Finn
The Weekend - Photo: Brian Giff
The Weekend – Photo: Brian Giff

“You don’t dare touch that dial, as the song says: Your time is up. You’re almost there, but don’t panic – more music will have to come before you can be completely engrossed in the embrace of the little light you see in the distance,” Carrie warns. Soon you will be healed, forgiven and refreshed – free from all trauma, pain, guilt and shame. You may even forget your own name, but before you stay in that house forever, it’s easy to hear three minutes here. “

The camera’s perspective changes as the patient on the operating table as a surgeon, who plays Cario, examines the viewer under a large magnifying glass and gently puts a mask over their face.

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Don FM Published in January 2022. The standard version of the album features a spoken-word performance of Carrie’s “Phantom Regret by Jim”, reports Complex.

The Weekend recently announced a worldwide tour in support of its 2020 LP Hours later. He started the tour with a show in Toronto on July 8 and a final show in Los Angeles on September 2. Doza Cat will serve as special guest during the tour.

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