This awkward moment: Megan Fox avoids kissing her boyfriend and leaves him

In January 2022, Megan Fox And her boyfriend Kelly machine gun Engaged during a trip to Puerto Rico.

Fans are sure that the wedding of this brilliant couple will be completely unforgettable because even the engagement was not without blood. In addition, actresses and musicians do not hesitate to express their feelings towards each other in public. However, after the new shot, some fans doubt this.

The other day, Megan and Colson attended the Daily Front Row Awards 2022 together. The photo of secular journalists looked great, but later, a video appeared on the web that confused many internet users. In it, Fox publicly distances herself from her boyfriend.

At first, the couple stood together. A few seconds later, Colson grabs the chosen one by the waist and tries to kiss him on the neck – he not only avoids this gesture but prefers to move away from the musician “at a safe distance”, keeping him standing still. Loss

Has that weird Gemini flame gone out? “,” Maybe she’s just matured and realized it’s time to start acting more restrained? “,” I think she’s more satisfied with her stylist than her boyfriend? “,” I would be furious if my fianc wore such an outfit for the event, “Internet users responded.

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