‘This Is Us’ marks the end of 100th episode Kate and Toby, revealing her fate

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Eaters Warning! If you haven’t seen the 100th episode of “This Is Us” on Tuesday, don’t go ahead.

“This Is Us” celebrates a milestone – reaching the peak of the 100-episode – marking the official end of Kate and Toby, the beginning of Kate and Philip (and also the answer to the small mystery of where Kate is in the distant future).

While it was no secret that Kate and Toby’s marriage was about to end in divorce, Tuesday’s timeline-jumping episode – simply titled “Katobi” – was still a heartbreaking reminder of how painful, awkward and destructive a reunion was. After Toby decided to quit his high-paying job in San Francisco and try to work things out with Kate, it became increasingly clear that their efforts were not paying off – including marriage counseling. (“I’m really tired of it. Every day, it’s like a different version of the same fight,” Kate lamented during one of their therapy sessions.)

It all came to a head for an exciting wedding-end fight over dinner when they had no idea how to get their daughter Hailey down to bed. What started out as an argument about the best way to make sure their young daughter could go to bed without crying soon turned into a tug-of-war over their completely different perspectives on parenting, marriage and life. “Because I look stingy You There’s the room, “Toby yells, the room is quiet.” All this time … trying to figure out how we ended up where we are now, it’s not because I lost a bunch of weight, it’s not to bond with Jack. It took me too long or I moved to San Francisco or whatever. We talk about other BS there. Turns out, the only crime I can constantly blame myself for is not being Jack Pearson!

After the two of them had a moment to calm down, Kate made a decision that changed the course of their lives forever. “It’s over,” he said very bluntly, even trying to correct Toby’s situation. “Toby, it’s time.” When they go through the process of divorce, signing a mountain of papers to separate their lives forever, Kate stops Toby and assures him that she will one day understand. “It simply came to our notice then. Just because our wedding story is over doesn’t mean our story is over. We want to find each other in that weight-loss group. We were supposed to be together and now, we want to be apart. And I know that one day, you’ll see it, “he promised. At the time he said it, not Toby.” I promise you, I’ll never see it again. “

But, as the years passed, Toby remarried (he had an affair with a beautiful woman in a coffee shop!), And Toby finally saw it. “Do you remember what you told me the day we signed our divorce papers?” Toby said as Kate was getting ready to walk down the aisle to marry Philip (Chris Giri). “I want you to know that I’m watching it now.”

This is the US -
It’s US – “Katobi” Episode 612 – Featured: (lr) Chris Sullivan as Toby, Chris Metz as Kate
– Photo: Ron Batzdorf / NBC

In a sly expression, “this we” is also fast forward The future In the future, there will be an important scene with Jack (guest star Blake Stadnik) who grew up in a bar when he is ready to perform on stage. To date, the series has not discussed Kate’s whereabouts in decades to come – Rebekah’s absence on her last day has become the biggest mystery – but Tuesday’s episode apparently answers that.

In a touching scene, elderly Kate and elderly Toby – along with their respective notable others – proudly reunite at the bar to watch their son sing. “You two are here,” Jack said happily before stepping on the stage. Solve another mystery!

In developing non-Kate and Toby, the episode brings back Kevin’s first love, Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge), who was a guest at Kate and Philip’s engagement party. Although Kevin returned to the Plus-One without anonymous (see: “iPhone Girl,” “The State Farm Girl,” “The Condom Girl”), Sophie brought up an ounce of remorse for her ex while she chatted with her husband. Man-ni Star

“Yes, yes, I’m fine. That’s fine, “Kevin said when Kate asked him if he was okay with her presence. “I am just happy that you two became friends again. I’m going to say hi. “It’s not clear what Kevin’s romantic conclusion will be. Is Sophie still in the picture?

And Randall (Sterling K. Brown) may be making real progress in politics. He was hailed as a strong pioneer for the state senator seat. Where could he lead in the near future?

Ahead of the 100th episode, Metz spoke with ET’s Danny Director on the “This Is Us” farewell panel at PaleyFest on April 2, about the biggest question he’s excited for viewers to answer.

“Where’s Kate?” Where is he? I think we’ll get an answer … he’s somewhere, “the actress teased.

Just a few weeks away from the series ending well, the Metz set reflected what that last day would look like.

“I don’t think we have a day to cry but I certainly felt it through the character and the scene,” he told ET’s Nishel Turner as he and Sullivan stopped on stage. “I want, ‘OK, OK.’ I don’t think it will be until the break is over and then we won’t come back. I think then I’ll be like, ‘Oh, this is it – let me call my therapist right now.’

“I think we’re all going to be emotional, don’t you think,” said one emotional Metz, with whom Sullivan agreed: “Yeah, oh yeah, it’s going to be a big day.”

“This Is Us” aired on NBC on Tuesday night at 9 pm ET / PT.

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