Tom Hanks fights Wilson when he throws the first pitch at Cleveland

By Anita so.

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Tom Hanks deals with a very uncooperative co-star as he throws the official pitch at the Cleveland Guardians home opener.

The actor walked up the mound in Friday’s game with a familiar ball in hand. He brought Volleyball Wilson from his movie “Castway,” but emblazoned the Cleveland Guardian’s logo on the back.

While the two were preparing for the pitch, Wilson had other plans in mind.

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Wilson rolled to the side of the mound as Hanks was injured for throwing the pitch.

“Wilson goes there,” one announcer commented, while another replied, “It’s really windy today.”

Hanks tries again, but the ball rolls once more.

Tom Hanks - Photo: Aaron Josephzic / UPI / Shutterstock
Tom Hanks – Photo: Aaron Josephzic / UPI / Shutterstock

The two then laughed as the ball spun in a circle.

“Maybe it’s remote controlled,” one announcer said with a laugh.

“It must be,” another replied.

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Done with Wilson’s hatred, Hanks ignores his uncooperative friend and throws the first pitch into Larry Dobby Jr.’s hand.

With the formal throw, the crowd cheered and the game began in earnest.

According to an announcer, the 65-year-old began his acting career in Cleveland at the local Great Lake Theater Festival.

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