Tori Lanez arrested for social media post directed by Megan Thi Stallion

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Tori Lanez, who is accused of shooting Megan Thi Stallion in the Hollywood Mountains in the summer of 2020, was taken into custody on Tuesday in a Los Angeles courtroom for violating the terms of a pre-trial defense order.

LA County Superior Court Judge David Hariford agrees with prosecutors that some of Lanz’s recent social media posts appear to be messages directed by Megan Thi Stallion. The judge ordered that Lanez no longer make public statements about the case or the victim.

LA County Superior Court Judge David Hereford granted bail of $ 350,000. Lanez’s attorney said bail would be posted soon, so Lanez is unlikely to be in custody.

The 29-year-old Canadian rapper, whose real name is Destor Peterson, carried a semi-automatic firearm and a load in a car, each carrying an unregistered firearm. Allegations include that he personally used a firearm and inflicted serious bodily harm.

During a preliminary hearing last year, Los Angeles Police Department Detective Ryan Stagner testified that he had spoken with Megan Thi Stallion and told her that he had heard Lanez say, “Dance, B.-” to shoot at her at about 4:30 p.m. Before On July 12, 2020 am, the bikini-clad woman got out of the Cadillac SUV for the second time that morning after an argument.

“Didn’t anyone hear, ‘Dance, B-, without Megan?’ Defense attorney Shawn Holly asked for cross-examination.

“Correct,” the detective replied.

The victim, identified in court and only “Megan P.” As a criminal complaint, he described the injuries to his legs as “massive bleeding” and, according to detectives, he fell to the ground and crawled into a nearby driveway.

He said one of his female friends, who was in the car after him, ran up to him with Lanez and he “strongly apologized for what he did” and offered to drive him home. Detectives say Megan Thi Stallion told police that Lanz “offered her money” and asked her not to say anything, telling her she was on probation – something Stuggner said she would never be able to prove.

The car was later stopped by police officers in response to a gunshot call, and he initially told officers and doctors that he had not been shot and that his leg had been hit by broken glass, according to detectives. He told detectives he was “extremely frightened and embarrassed”, “scared that he was going to get into trouble” and worried that police might shoot him, but later admitted that he was “sincere”, “visibly upset” and “crying”. The lance that shot him, Stuggner testified.

An orthopedic surgeon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center later removed some bullet fragments from the woman’s leg, but some bullet fragments still remained inside her and she reported having difficulty walking with ongoing physical therapy and some types of shoes. To the detective.

According to LAPD officer Sandra Cabral, Megan Thi Stallion, who was bleeding, was among four people in the Lanz SUV who were stopped about a mile from the scene of the shooting, according to LAPD officer Sandra Cabral. A handgun that was “warm to the touch” was discovered inside the vehicle, and four spent casing were later found at the scene, Cabral testified.

“Tori shot me,” Megan Thi Stallion said in a video posted on Instagram Live after the shooting. You shot me and you got your preacher and your people … lying … stop lying. “

He later wrote an op-ed New York Times The title, “Why I Speak for Black Women.”

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