Traumatic shock! Bravo is rebuilding Real Housewives in New York City for the season

Bravo launches script The real housewife in New York CityExecutive producer Andy Cohen is announcing a brand-new reboot as well as a second series following fan-favorites.

In a new interview published March 23, Cohen told Variety that the network’s bold decision to split their ideas into two shows “takes into account everything our enthusiastic listeners have been telling us over the years.” Lots of time to figure out where to go. And the plan that we’ve come up with, I think, is a real gift for the fans. “

Traumatic shock!  Bravo Requests New York City Real Housewives of Season 14 to Reboot, Ramona Singer 3 Out


For the reboot, Cohen said they have a lot of big things and plan to cast their net far and wide while looking for new personalities to captivate viewers.

“This is America’s most multicultural, diverse, and vibrant and exciting city: we’re looking for a multicultural friend who truly reflects the most exciting city in the country,” he said. “We are looking for a group of women who are true friends, and who come from different backgrounds, races and religions.”

The longtime host has revealed that the executives have not named names for their series following some original custom, though RHONY: Throwback Or RHONY: Inheritance They have so far referred to it as what it is.

Traumatic shock!  Bravo Requests New York City Real Housewives for 14 Season Reboot, Ramona Singer 4


“We’re looking at people who are fans’ favorites, ”he added, asking the question of whether Ramona Singer will return to the 13th season drama.

A spokesman for Cohen and Bravo said that official casting had not begun, but that Luan de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan and newcomer Ebony K Williams were being considered.

“Sonja and Luan were a part of the show – for Luan, from the beginning, and for Seanza from Season 3. So I think, theoretically, sure!” Cohen is worried about their possible return.

Traumatic shock!  Bravo Requests New York City Real Housewives of Season 14 to Reboot, Ramona Singer 5 Out


RHONY The first premiere took place in March 2008, with the last season ending in August 2021 without a reunion. During the break of the show, Ramona and Luan starred in a Peacock spinoff series. Real Housewife Ultimate Girls Trip.

“We’re interviewing multiple groups of friends,” Cohen said while discussing the possible broadcast of the peacock while having a reboot. “So, of course if Ebony is interested and has friends who can meet our casting goals, they will definitely be considered.”

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