Trey Songz under investigation for alleged sexual harassment

It has just been released Tray Sanj An investigation into alleged sexual harassment is underway in Las Vegas. See the latest reports below.

Shed Room says: ‘According to tmz_tv, #TreySongz has officially cleared the Las Vegas sexual harassment investigation. “Las Vegas Metro correspondent. PD tells us, ‘LVMPD has completed its investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against Tremaine Neverson and has decided that no criminal charges will be filed. If any new evidence comes to light, the case will be reopened for further investigation.’ ” TMZ report. ‘

Someone said: ‘The girl should be sued for defamation, it wasn’t nice.’

One commenter posted this: ‘He will pay their guarantee to Little and Kelly Jr.’

Another follower said: ‘I mean, all these women are not lying on him. I still believe he did it. ‘ One commenter said: ‘She should be! Now leave him alone. Peace be upon him and stop praying for his downfall! ‘

One follower said: ‘Not everyone can lie now. He has come in front of countless women and their stories have been the same, ‘and another fan said:’ Lama now everyone will say that the girls were paid. ‘

Back in November, Tray Sanj The investigation is being conducted by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. See the report available about all this.

Authorities appear to be investigating #TreySongz in Las Vegas. According to tmz_tv, law enforcement sources suggest that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is currently investigating allegations of sexual harassment at The Cosmopolitan Hotel, ‘The Shed Room notes.

The TSR noted that ‘it is not clear when the incident took place but state police were contacted on Sunday. No arrests were made at the time. # Roommate, we’ll keep you updated on more information. ‘

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