TV meteorologist calls her kids during on-air weather forecast to warn

By Brent Fordick.

2 minutes ago

A meteorologist in Washington DC has gone viral on social media when he called his kids into the air to warn of a tornado approaching their home.

“Get down as soon as you can, okay?” NBC Washington’s chief meteorologist Doug Kamer told his son he called in an on-air weather report warning of an impending tornado.

“Yes, get down there now. Go downstairs to the bedroom. And just wait 10, 15 minutes, okay? Do it now. All right. Thanks, buddy, ”he added before hanging out and continuing to broadcast live TV and explaining to viewers that he felt the kids needed to be warned because they were probably playing video games online and not watching their dad’s weather reports.

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“I had to warn my family!” He reiterated on Twitter. “The kids were home alone and I knew they weren’t watching me on TV! They were safe. Thanks! Although a scary moment for me, I was a little scared inside.”

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