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Twitter users were on the verge of their seats as the defamation lawsuits against Johnny Depp and Amber Hard began.

Tuesday, April 12, d Caribbean pirates Actors, 58, and Drive angry Depp, a 35-year-old star, faces trial after suing his ex-wife for 2018 50 million for a 2018 op-ed The Washington Post, Where Hard draws on his own experience with domestic violence to support other victims.


Despite not naming the British actor in the hard piece, Depp filed a lawsuit in 2019, claiming he was not talking about her, which ruined his career. Although Hard came forward in 2016 accusing Depp of abusing him, he vehemently denied the claims.

Amber Hard claims she has “always had a love affair” for ex-Johnny Depp, who has been separated since the defamation trial began.

The drama in the courtroom was intense, as Depp’s attorneys portrayed Herd as a liar who made allegations of abuse. “She can’t go back. She’s been living and breathing this lie for years now. And she’s preparing to give her life performance in this trial,” the veteran Hollywood attorney claimed. “But this trial is about evidence. It’s about evidence.” It’s about a person’s reputation. “

Meanwhile, social media users had some strong opinions of their own, with one user tweeting: “Rejecting culture is a really weird thing, Will Smith has been canceled for hitting Chris Rock at the Oscars but Amber Hard isn’t being dismissed for insulting Johnny Depp. ??” What a world. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp. “

Another Twitter user was in favor Charlie and the Chocolate Factory The star commented, “#JohnnyDepp looks very tired. This guy has dealt with a lot since these false accusations from #AmberHeard went public. He lost his role in the film when Amber was not held accountable at all. #istandwithjohhnydepp. “

However, not everyone was wrapped around Depp’s finger despite seeing widespread support on the platform. Although a few have been seen to support Aquaman The actress, a user wrote, “I don’t believe in Amber Hard. Is it bad? But I’m not sure we believe Johnny Depp either.


“There we go, Amber Hard’s team is playing ‘Amber is so small and so small that she can never hit Johnny Depp if she wants to make a card’. Men can also be abused by women. “Angry a Social media users.

Another added: “Johnny Depp has never denied his problems with drugs and alcohol. He has been honest about using it as a crutch all his life from a very young age. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp. “

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Just over a month before the Johnny Depp trial, Amber Hard faces new charges in a defamation suit

During an exciting day in court, Depp’s attorney,Benjamin ChiuHard pointed to allegations of abuse by his former partner on May 21, 2016 – later Black mass The star says she wants a divorce.

“Evidence will show that six days later, Mr. Depp Requested divorce, And he did so politely, and three days later Miss Hard’s lawyer threatened Mr. Depp that he would sue if she did not agree to his financial claim. Mrs. Hard came to court in Los Angeles, California, to file a restraining order alleging abuse, ”the lawyer noted.

“Evidence will show that Mrs. Hard showed a mark on her face that mysteriously six days after seeing Mr. Depp and six days earlier she had publicly requested an order for a domestic violence control order alleging abuse,” Chew concluded.

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