Tyra Banks defends Kim Kardashian’s controversial new SKIMS photoshoot: ‘Here it is

By Sarah Quran.

54 seconds ago

Tyra Banks stands out for her new SKIMS photoshoot, despite allegations of photoshopping.

Paired with super model Actress, Alessandra Ambrosio And Candice Swanepoel will star in Kim Kardashian’s latest line promotion.

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Many people have criticized Kardashian, claiming that the photos were photoshopped to make the banks look thinner.

However, Banks defended the photoshoot in a new interview with “Today”.

“It’s something I’ve been talking about for decades,” he told Hoda Kotb “So, I’m Carvier, I’m almost 50 years old in this campaign. I curse – I think it’s quite empowering.”

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Banks also revealed how Kardashian persuaded him to pose for SKIMS.

“[Kim] When I was on the cover of ‘Sports Illustrated’, she didn’t see real and big breasts, “she recalls.” She said it gave her self-respect for her body. So we had, for example, a serious conversation, and I finally said, ‘Let’s do this!’

Kardashian added, “We just had a heart-to-heart conversation, and he heard what the brand means, why I started the brand – and I’m just about supporting women.”

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