Valerie Bartinelli opens up about the fight with weight: ‘It doesn’t matter

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Valerie Bartinelli shares her struggles with self-realization and being happy with herself.

Wrote an article for Food Network Canada Host New beautyOne of his greatest struggles in his journey of self-realization was to realize his weight.

“For me, the big thing is my weight – it’s the thing that holds me back. But I want to start feeling the same way about myself – whatever my weight,” admits the 61-year-old star. “Be kind to yourself and to others. I don’t have to wait until I lose weight to be kind. It doesn’t matter what I look like. “

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He continued, “We all know the number on the scale is never low enough – it’s always too high – so I’m just going to crawl under the cover and no one will see me until it’s done. I’ll be happy when all the weight is gone.”

Part of his strategy to control his perception was to use his words and refuse to weigh himself obsessively.

“I stopped weighing myself when I finished writing my book, which was a big deal for me, and I haven’t achieved a scale since,” the star recalled. “My clothes still fit; My jeans still zip up. I guess I was afraid I would blow up the balloon if I didn’t see the number and if I couldn’t keep track of it… but it didn’t happen. “

This does not mean that he will not try to be healthy with his diet, but this time in the name of recovery and not because of compulsion.

“I think once it starts the whole journey, maybe my body will follow,” Bartenelli shared. “Maybe I want to eat more fruits and vegetables, and drink less alcohol, and eat less sugar, and keep something in my body that makes both my body and my mind feel better.”

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Her relationship with food has become more complicated over the years as she has come to realize that she is using it as a way to comfort herself.

“I used to eat food that was not healthy. I know I still do it, “he wrote.” Even recently, I found myself catching some crackers after finishing an intense interview, and I said, ‘Oh, I know what I’m doing now, I’m eating because I feel good about eating.’ , And I’m doing it because I’m uncomfortable because I just shared a lot of feelings. ‘”

While the actress was still working through these issues, she believed that being aware and recognizing your own struggles could help anyone on their journey.

“It’s very helpful to be aware of why we do what we do. It sounds simple, but I think it’s something we never learned in school… and it would be nice if we could all get started, “added Bartenelli.

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