Victoria Beckham wore $ 2 million worth of jewelry to her son’s wedding

Last weekend, the most anticipated wedding of the year took place – Brooklyn Beckham He married his sweetheart, Nicola Peltz. The celebration took place in Palm Beach – the home of the bride’s family. Event guests were forbidden to shoot anything – the photos had already been sold exclusively to a well-known glossy magazine. However, some frames still appear on the web.

So, another day, the groom’s mother, Victoria Beckham , Showed her amazing outfit. She naturally chooses her own brand of clothing. Many internet users, looking at the designer’s clothes, have come to the conclusion that he must have impressed the bride. And now they have turned their attention to the luxurious decoration around her neck.

Daily Mail reporters report that Vicky has indeed added an expensive accessory to her outfit. The necklace she wears around her neck contains 15 carat diamonds. “And don’t forget the 18-carat yellow gold,” the expert stressed in an interview with reporters. He himself pointed out the whiteness of the stone. “That means the diamond is clean. It could cost up to 2 million at an auction,” the expert noted.

While viewing Victoria’s jewelry, Internet users again mentioned that she chose a dress that attracted a lot of attention. It must have hurt the daughter-in-law’s self-esteem. “This stone is also huge on the neck,” “he could have chosen more decent jewelry,” “a very chic accessory,” Internet users have noted.

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