When she goes to work, Rihanna will be surrounded by her loved ones at £ 17

Rihanna He does not blame A $ AP Rocky For rumors of online fraud.

When she arrived in Barbados to give birth to their first child, the expected popstar threw a loving hand around her boyfriend’s waist.

A $ AP took the first step, bringing his pregnant girlfriend closer while they were walking through the airport terminal.

A gorgeous after-party for family and friends will follow Rihanna’s £ 17 million Barbados home delivery.

The Umbrella Singer will create a state-of-the-art delivery room complete with a state-of-the-art berthing pool.

Her best friend Dr. Sonita Alexander will deliver the baby and all her close female friends will be present.

While they are waiting for the baby, Rihanna’s guests will receive manicures and pedicures.

For her baby’s nutrition, Rihanna will have regular prenatal massage and vitamin IV.

It was last week when A $ AP Rocky and Rihanna A $ AP Rocky split up to cheat on him.

On Friday, Louis apologized for the “stupid decision” to tweet about the couple’s first child.

The news comes after the singer’s designer claimed that he and A7 AP Rocky are still dating.

Friday, Amina Muaddi The pregnant singer went on Instagram to deny having a relationship with the rapper behind the scenes.

Rihanna’s relationship with the father of her unborn child has become the subject of unconfirmed speculation and reports on the Internet.

According to XXL, the pregnant pop star ended their relationship with her designer Amina after suspicious video footage of her sleeping surfaced.

On Friday, the shoe designer told his followers he had to “talk” about “criminal” fake news.

Amina told her 1.2 million followers that she initially dismissed “false news” but things have changed in the last 24 hours.

She said Rihanna’s pregnancy should be “one of the most beautiful and celebrated occasions in her life” and that she admired and respected him.

Amina’s allegation comes amid reports that Rihanna and ASAP were spotted together at an LA restaurant, with the singer believed to be crying at the table before leaving her boyfriend.

The shoe designer, whom Rihanna often wears, has been accused of being the “second lady” in the now-defunct romance.

Amina’s full statement, shared on Friday, reads: “I have always thought that a baseless social media lie, especially so cruel, deserves no response or explanation.

“I initially felt that this malicious gossip would not be taken seriously.

The previous 24 hours have reminded me that we live in a world where everything goes regardless of the real basis.

He added: “Not even in the most beautiful and joyful moments of life.

“So I must speak because it is not only directed at me, I also highly respect and appreciate others.

She concludes by wishing everyone a “wonderful Easter holiday” while Rih “maintains her quiet, well-dressed pregnancy.”

A source close to Rihanna and AP Rocky told TMZ: “Both claims are completely untrue. That’s right.”

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