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Can you believe it? You can count the rest Rupel’s drag race Queen on one side! This week our queens formed a team to lend their talents Mama Ru As soon as we get to the finals we apply for the songs and their case. Get ready for the irrational!

After last week’s Double Cucumber, the remaining queens return to the workroom and are somewhat stunned after being greeted by two mirror messages. Power with Betty Glad he was able to defeat Deja Sky (Who sent him home when the season started 20 years ago) and Georgia, Who sent most of the cast home. Bosco feels renewed after a well-deserved win at Roast last week. The rest of the queens have won the challenge and won acclaim from the judges, so they all have a chance to reach the top four and the final.

The next day, Ru enters the workroom and tells his “Fierce Five” that their ultimate Maxi Challenge (I feel deprived of one last quick drag mini-challenge, however, I will survive) must apply all their charisma, Ru- In the video for the song “Catwalk”, they show individuality, nerves and talent while performing. As always, dolls have to write and record their own verses and work on model-worthy choreography. Miguel Zarate But, this time they have to create their own “catwalk couture” for the shoot. Also, each queen will join Ru and Michelle for a “tic tac chit chat”. This is going to be a busy episode.

The queens began to sketch their designs. Lady Camden Going for an “underground river fairy” look, hoping to show the judges another side of her. Sit down Avoiding her usual panties and corset look, opting for a structured catsuit. He wants his song to be “Satan” and start with a variety of austerities for his previous runway choices. Angeria Paris van Michaels He says he thinks wrapping his verses is a way and Willow doesn’t want to share what he’s written because his lyrics are too good… or he’s stagnant. Angie hopes she and Willow Pill Will be in the final together (and judging from the Reddit spoilers, I think he’s going to get what he wants.)

Ru and Michelle chatted with the top five. Bosco says he is happy with what he has achieved so far, excelling in the comedy challenge. Dia says she sees herself in the top five, for which Ru scoffs, “I didn’t.” Jing! Ru admitted that he was finally able to escape the shadows Crystal Method During the “Daytona Wind” Challenge. Dia also shares the dangers of living with diabetes (hence her drug name.)

Angie, whom we learn is a drag mother for eight children, admits that her own parents were very helpful in her career. Ru told Willow how much he enjoyed his life and the ability to smile in the face of adversity. He said he was learning to enjoy life, which is hard to do. She wants to be a “drag rock star” and in my book, she has already achieved that.

Lady Camden says she has learned that taking risks can really pay off and reveals that her brother committed suicide when he was just 21 years old. He said his brother’s rate was one of the reasons he left England and did not return. But wanted to go back with a “just you wait” minute, which he certainly achieved.

The next day, the queens enter the workroom and see their designed creations come alive on paper. The queens are mostly glad to see their appearance, except perhaps Bosco, whose catsuit Willow, the “mother of soccer in space” is giving a vibe. The Queens then learn their choreography with Miguel and Michelle, who lend their skills to transforming them into “smart super models fighting for the spotlight”.

Miguel Routine, our “Park and Burke” queen of Angeria, seems to be on the bus of struggle as she zooms through. Michelle gives the queens a quick pep talk, tells them to sell the lyrics and doesn’t think so much about being right with the move and then announces that filming will start immediately, which is to Angie’s frustration. However, for his achievement, he may not have everything, but he sold it.

After the group dance, each queen takes them to the runway for their solo. (Cool note: Willow has included her profile in her outfit design.) Bosco notes that Willow is serving as a “sleepless supermodel” and now I’m worried. Lady Camden is lovingly enjoying her Madonna fantasy but Angie doesn’t take Michelle’s note to crawl on the runway, a note she takes … and works.

Eliminate the day here and talk to the Queen First Impressions. We’ve heard the sweet source of “Vilgeria”, Bosco mentions that Daya got in her way after being dropped first because of her dislike for Jasmine. Lady Camden flew under the radar and showed that she was a real competitor during the “Daytona Wind”. Of course, the common denominator here is that all five queens want to be in the final. (And, again, they can only get what they want.)

On the main stage, Ru is serving a gorgeous “multi-colored gown” and a huge blonde wig. I live. This week’s section is “You’re a winner, baby” and the queens survived the assignment. Bosco gives a Marilyn Monroe / Madonna inspired look with Tiffany blue gloves and a gorgeous nude dress wrapped around her waist. Stunning Angeria glittering in a black velvet mermaid gown with a shiny blonde wig topping with a feathered fascinator (I like the red hair below.)

Dia’s mission was to “tear down conventional beauty” and did it with a side engagement covered by a burnt dress. It gave me a little Carol Barnett “Want with the Wind”, but I dug it up. The side noise was really inspiring. Lady Camden pays tribute to the Disney princesses with whom she grew up and looks stunning in a silver gown, jeweled. Last but not least, Willow is the most glamorous rat you’ve ever seen in a full length beige gown.

And now, the premiere of the “Catwalk” video, and, yes, a million times better than Ru’s slipwalk performance in the first episode (which seems to have been aired in 2007) when Ru said he wanted to pay tribute to George Michael. Very funky “video, he was not joking. The puppets played the perfect model and Ru played the role of George from behind the camera. Why this video took 14 seasons to come, I never know. I dare say it Almost Good as “Kitty Girl” from All Star 3. (Approx.)

Judges have a lot to say. Bosco has been praised for moving away from its Burlesque roots and killing comedy challenges. Angeria was praised for “bringing great things” to the runway. (Michelle wasn’t fascinated by her bodysuit … not surprisingly.) Carson was thrilled to see Dia’s face, and Michelle pointed out the fact that her runway crawl was fatal.

Camden received high marks for her beautiful runway look and video fashion, and Carson said she has brought star quality to every challenge. Michelle said she loved watching Willow’s journey, didn’t use her illness as an excuse and didn’t crush every challenge … well, without it. She wasn’t selling her lyrics 100% and was so busy counting the steps that she wasn’t lip syncing what she wrote. Ah oh.

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Before we reach the lip sink, Ru asks the queens (as always) to give their little ones some words of wisdom. Bosco tells his six-year-old self that growing up can be difficult, but he will never apologize for who he is. Angeria tells her four-year-old that she must face harassment but she has found the best father in the world.

One-year-old Dia has to watch over her to find her true self, and Lady Camden tells her four-year-old not to make herself too “hard.” Finally, Willow gasps at the sight of his three-year-old self (who was an adorable kid) and tells him to learn to be loose and to be surrounded by the strangeness of the universe.

In the end, Ru decides that Lady Camden is the biggest winner of the week and will have to face Willow and Angeria (“Vilgeria”) for the last lip sync before the final. The song is “Telephone” by Lady Gaga and Beyonc. Bosco says that if they do it badly, they will both go home, but, with these two, it will not happen. In fact, they both nailed it.

Their BFF power is so strong that … wait or so … Ru has announced that they are both going to the finals (yes, another double cool, but I think it is definitely worth it.)

So, here are our top five – Please Betty, Lady Camden, Bosco, Angeria Paris van Michaels and Willow Peel. Who is your favorite? Honestly, I can’t wait to see who gets all the MVPs in my book and who gets the crown. Reunion next week and in two weeks, we will have a winner, baby! Until then, remember that if you can’t love yourself, how can you love someone else? Can I get an “Amen”?

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