Who was the hottest silver drag drag roster this week?

After another non-boycott last week Rupel’s drag race (Where Sit down Her chocolate bar was saved by a golden ticket) The Queens realized that saving a post lip sync was unquestionable but congratulated Bosco for enduring even after being selected for elimination by all its competitors. Bosco is certainly a ru-demption (as indicated by Lady Camden) … will he achieve it?

The next day, in the Queen’s workroom, Ru and a special guest, Anastasia Beverly Hills President Norvina (with a gorgeous ink gown, some Lady Gaga serving reality – oh, I hope – the eyelids “Epolets”. I like it. I could afford her makeup.) Ru announces that the queen-examiners are going to get a unique opportunity to draw Ru’s face. (And then he brought back the gag “Walk this way … No, really … Walk this way” Drag U (# Never forget.)

No, Raven isn’t on vacation, this mini-challenge shows the Queen facing two brick walls where Ru and another favorite icon, Dolly Parton, are pictured. The color palette presents Anastasia’s new Norvina Violet palette (excellent) and the Queen’s inspiration is to use the mural of Ashville, North Carolina.

The queen is divided into two groups – De’ja, Angeria And Georgia (Tim Ru) and Energy, Willow, Sit down And Lady Camden (Tim Dolly). The teams have 30 minutes to create the art and they do quite well, “If there’s a hot dog butt” the nose (Bosco ™) is drawn on De’ja Ru. Maybe that’s why, maybe not because Tim Dolly won.

Ru tells Rani that the main challenge this week is always entertaining, sometimes comb-worthy roast. This time, Ross Matthews is the guest of honor. Since Tim Dolly has won, they can choose to order performers (and they also get free makeup.)

It’s time to dump her and move on. Diba just wants the place she wants and doesn’t really care about anyone else’s placement. Bosco volunteers to go first and Willow says he wants to go after Georgias, who has already made it clear that comedy and comedy writing are not in his wheelhouse (although Willow thinks Georgias can surprise everyone and blow up the judges … we will do it See about.)

It’s to Lady Camden and De’Jar, who insisted she didn’t want to end. Camden decides not to play it safely and wants to push himself, so he takes last place. So, the order is Bosco, Jorgeous, Willow, Angeria, Daya, De’Ja and Lady Camden.

The queens begin to work on their jokes and Willow is terrified of shame and can’t get over “Dia, Angeria”. Willow thinks De’ja can win if he doesn’t venture into the “Baba Joke Territory.” After writing the (alleged) jokes, the Queens met with comedy coaches Michelle Visez and Dulles Sloan (from Daily show.)

Bosco’s dry sense of humor isn’t really working and he swears to “give them meat”. Willow is told to stop his “rambling absurdity” and comes to Angeria and after a few jingles. Diao panics but delivers some good stuff at Michelle’s expense and De’ja is told she needs some funny jokes. Ah oh. Lady Camden has caught the cracks of the coaches and could make a smart choice to go to the end. Georgias got into trouble this week (not surprisingly) for throwing out the Shadow Rattle while calling him a “joke”. Could he finally be sashaya away this week?

Ru looks absolutely stunning down the runway (he does every week, but this look is a standout) and the roast begins. Bosco later took to the stage with spiked black and white hair and a plaid pantsuit and killed it. She joked about being sent home almost last week and said, “Ross isn’t a top … she’s a blouse.” Georgias looked adorable and actually got some good out of some awkward silence (joking about Ross losing weight, he asks, “How’s the baby?”)

Willow also looked gorgeous in a pink dress and red wig, and Georgias and Ross (“very, very handsome lesbian.”) Sparkled angeria yellow and made me laugh out loud after calling Dulles. Diet Lijo “and asked him” How do you feel? Okay as hell? “Dia knows she’s not the funniest, but she’s got one from Michelle, joking that” it looks like a guy wearing a wig “but she’s taking too long to give subpar jokes.

De’Ja probably would have done better if he had stuck to his father’s joke because … oops … the newly confident Lady Camden doesn’t have to do much to surpass her predecessor, but I think her confidence sold more jokes than she really did. The jokes themselves.

On the runway, the section is “Tutu Mach”. Bosco came out with her “skirt” as a “buzzsaw ballerina”, with blades serving as shoulders and headpieces. It’s glamor and gore and love it. Georgius didn’t come out in a dance costume, but a cute puffy minidress (a leather cap, boots and a biker jacket.) Willow’s look has a lot of inspiration – Donatella Versace, Amanda Lepore, Cruella Devil – but in a brocade and tulle. Appearance at night at the opera.

Angeria does her “Angeria thing” and descends from the runway after a chartreuse “tutu gown” when Daya Dons 11 “is a lovely ensemble assembled from recycled items from platform heels (I’m surprised). De’Ja is a mint green cowboy dress Go pastel with. Of course, Lady Camden stole the show, looking like a dreamy ballerina.

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After criticism from the judges, Ru thought Bosco was the winner – so he was released. Lady Camden, Willow and Angeria were safe but Daya, De’ja and Georgias are downstairs. The three queens will enter this lip sink and there will be only one … no chocolate can save them now. Our three-way is set to Olivia Rodrigo’s song “Good 4 You”. De’Ja mentioned numerous times this week that he felt he was a lip sink killer, he faded into the background because Daya and Georgias fought against it. In the end, Daya emerges victorious, and De’ja and Georgias, the former lip sync killer, have to move on.

For this week’s MVP, again, I have to give it to Bosco. He confessed so well and he proved to Roast that he knows how to tell a joke and give a fun and interesting look on the runway. Lady Camden will be the runner up. She was happy to see her confidence increase during the episode and, although her roast was not at the top of the night, she did her best to sell every joke … and she looked great on the runway.

Well, believe it or not, we’ve got a top five! Looks like the season may be finally over. Until next week, remember that if you can’t love yourself, how can you love someone else? Can I get an “Amen”?

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