Who was the Leap Sync MVP in this week’s RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 Episode 11?

Greetings, Drag race Fans, we’re back with another episode of the season that went on to be a sequel longer than we expected. First Wives Club.

This week, the queens (well, 7 out of 8) have to face an epic lip sync smackdown and … pant … ru promises a queen will be sent home (unless she gets a gold ticket to her chocolate bar).

As soon as we open, the queens return to the work room and they all get the news Deja Sky, They are all up for elimination. They are embarrassed about how bad the snatch game has become. When Deja was engaged in some subtle joy for his victory, Power with Betty That was salty about that Jasmine Kennedy And Georgia Still around – especially since they were downstairs before and he didn’t. And, yes, Dia is whimsical, but I don’t think she deserves this season’s “villain edit,” you could say she’s fine with Jasmine.

The next day, the puppets enter their battle gear. Lady Camden Admittedly, he was embarrassed. ” Willow Pill Admits that he is “horrible” about performing a club song and Angeria Paris van Michaels She said she was a “park and bark” queen and more suitable for performing a song. Sit down Last week’s loss was taken personally and was angry at himself and nervous about the lip sync. Diba, who admits she’s not a dancer, doesn’t want to face Jasmine or Georgias on stage – especially after Georgias performs her signature move, “punching the ghost.”

And now … the time of “The Leap Sync Lalaparuja SmackDown”. The queens take their best leopard and dance costumes to the stage (they all look awesome), ready to face off. Deja left the runway to watch the carnage from the workroom. Let’s start the game! Ru says the queens are going to face a winning life in pairs (and a threesome) to kill another day and the losers go to the second round. After these two performances, the last two queens will compete to see who moves away. Ru reminds the queens to “leave everything on the runway” and (spoiler) they deliver.

With pit crew member Calix (I think?) And a bingo ball spinner, we have our first competitor Jasmine Kennedy. He can choose his opponent and (not surprisingly) he chooses his “friendship” kindness. During the day, the song had to be chosen from five choices. He chose the “honor” of Aretha Franklin. Diva was a little upsetting, but she really understood the assignment, giving Diva the right amount of energy and sauce. Jasmine brings out the rice and death drops that kept her safe two weeks ago, but Ru decides that Dia has won.

Willow, who later chose Bosco as his opponent. He chose Luther Vandros’ “Never to Match”, for Ru’s pleasure (and Willow, who secretly hoped for that pick.) I liked both of them here … Bosco was doing his signature sexy moves while Willow was really telling the story (Although endlessly audible, I still claim that lip syncing is a difficult song.) Willow wins.

Next, a three-way with Angeria, Georgia and Lady Camden. Georgias chooses the song and, surprisingly, she passes on Jennifer Lopez’s “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” and goes through Beyonc “‘s “Radio” instead. It’s an all-out feud on stage, with lots of deaths from Angeria and Lady Camden’s Georgias and Pleasant moves, but again, Georgias has shown why she’s going to be the next star of the LipSync killer next season because she makes it look so easy … and wins.

Lady Camden’s Round Four Pit against Bosco from Envog’s “Don’t Let Go”. Lady Camden, looking like “Sonic the Hedgehog’s Beach Girlfriend” (as she wrote it), avoids splits and stunts and uses her dance training to gain praise from work room girls. Diba admitted at the moment that she was a lesbian for Camden and Willow said that she was flowing … spreading … (?) … like butter. Lady Camden wins.

Angeria and Jasmine’s lips sync to the J-Lo tune, and Jasmine is not happy to compete against her BFF in the competition (and yes, there are tears.) The old school drag does not fit the personality) but his fears were unfounded, as he clearly learned all the words and showed a great, winning performance.

So we’re down to Bosco and Jasmine. They encounter Miss Diana Ross’s “Sweet Away” and both queens leave us … Jasmine becomes more “campy and funny” than usual and Bosco pulls out her “stripper moves” and they both kill her. I don’t have to choose here, but I have to stop and in the end she sends Jasmine home – and the chocolate bar can’t save her.

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This week our MVP is Willow Peel, who has created a seemingly impossible song with the magic of lip sync. I just liked her interpretation of Luther’s song and she looked adorable in her black punk dress and purple shag wig. I want to give this week to all the queens for a tough, entertaining episode that we really needed after last week’s defeat. Oh, and that was my favorite line of the episode, it said about watching lip sync from the comfort of the work room.

So, at half point of the season we never finished, the seven queens still ran for the crown. Until we meet again, remember that if you can’t love yourself, how can you love someone else? Can I get an “Amen”?

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