Who was the star of RuPaul’s drag race Rusical Moulin Ru?

Greetings, Rupler Drag race FAM We are in 12 episodes and we Still There is competition for the crown of seven queens!

Will that number be reduced by one, or will the infamous gold ticket finally take effect this week? This week, the Queens took the stage for the challenge that many Queens, Rusikal has created and / or broken. Everyone says l’amour because we’re Moulin Ru-gay!

As the episode opens (after last week’s star LaLaPaRuZa lip sync smackdown), the queens are greeted Jasmine KennedyLess than that is the message of the low-pitched mirror (which he even He joked about it on Twitter.) Bosco says that although he had to sync his lips three times last week, he created some “residual rage” to make sure he wouldn’t be down this week (we’ll see about that.)

Ru enters and tells the queens that now is the time for their song, dance and acting chop work, as they are taken to the romantic par-e to pay homage to the Tony Award-winning musical instrument. Red Mill. It’s “Moulin Ru! The Rusical “. Ru takes us through a cast of characters, including the tragic heroine Saltine, Mama Jade, a bearded queen who runs Moulin Ru, the green fairy, a” gin in a bottle … absinthe “and the stolen Moulin Ru. Girls – charisma, uniqueness nerves and talent (of course.) And, to hold the bet for the queen-testers, Ru says they have to cast themselves in their roles.

As the queens fight for the parts of their dreams, many feet are firmly placed on the ground. Sit down And Lady Camden They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Badly. Bosco is looking for rudemption and Lady Camden needs to get out of her shy bubble. Power with BettyThe one who claims that “compromise is for the losers” is the uniqueness of Moulin Ru Meyer and Deja Sky, Who reminded everyone that he insisted on playing nerves during the Girl’s Group Challenge of the 60’s on his best choice. (It was showbouting for a lot of things, because no one else seems to want these roles.)

Angeria Paris van Michaels And like the willow green fairy character, but Willow Pill The treaty says that when you think of a little, little fairy, you have to think of her (she’s right.) Angeria then tries to challenge the genius. Georgia, Who has lowered his little stiletto and refused to play any other role. This leaves Angeria as a gold-mining charisma.

So we are now at the battle royal for Saltine between Lady Camden and Bosco and it has been decided that the other queens will vote for their choice. Willow has the vote to decide, and he chooses Bosco, leaving Lady Camden to take Mama Z’s part angrily. Bosco is confident that this Barlesque showgirl will win his attitude and make him a winner. Let’s see how out of this game.

Lady Camden is apparently annoyed that she didn’t get the part she wanted, but after a pep talk from her BFF Angeria, she decides to bring a little Freddie Mercury from her great few weeks runway in the role of Mama Jade. And he seems to have shown some strength that could make his performance standout this week. Side note: I like the relationship between Camden and Angeria. Give these two their own WOW Presents Plus show. I will definitely tune in.

The Queens then came on stage to work with the music producer LelandChoreographer Miguel Zarate And “Special Guest Director,” Internet Favorite Leslie Jordan (Whom I believe now should be the coach of every acting challenge of the future.) Leslie (who could be the only person in 4’11 to cross the Georgia Tower) told the Queens that she had pulled before Ru in Atlanta, “Sweet and tiny. Miss Baby Wipes. “

I adore this man. Bosco does well with his choreography and Camden insists that he does not want to fail his competitor, he just wants to be the queen who does better.

Screen up! For the second week in a row, the Queens have proven that they really have the talent because Rusikal is a great mix of show tunes and silver hits for really fun watches. Like last week’s lip sync smackdown, I don’t want to judge because everyone turns out to be a tough performance. Of course, no one would be surprised if Lady Camden killed him as Mama Z. And, although he was good, Bosco could not turn most of his stars into sultans. Don’t get me wrong, she looked beautiful, but her character’s trademark wasted the opportunity to flex her acting muscles like a sneeze.

It was a scream to see Guys and dolls A gun-dropping voice came out of Angeria’s mouth and Willow was smiling like a green fairy, repeating his whole number in increasing speed and looking adorable while doing it. But … for the best performance, Saltine’s affection must go to Leslie Jordan as a rival to the Duke of Dickington. How many Iove Leslie Jordan did I mention?

The theme on the runway was “Mirror, Mirror” and, although not a terrific fashion night, we got some impressive looks. Lady Camden is a shooting star, in a shiny, mirrored pantsuit inspired by The Little Prince, and when Bosco says she’s serving the mogul and Linda Evangelista, I see the same silhouette she has brought to the stage many times before. I know she’s got more to it than just relying on the body, but you know Michelle is going to give her a new lease on life when she’s critical.

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Willow Elton joins John, Joan Jett and Evel Nival to create a silver-toned “Spirit of ’76 Rocker Look”. Angeria was a galactic mermaid queen of the mosaic of iridescent tiles. Love it. I also liked Dia’s spiked tribute to KISS, but I didn’t like DeJa’s Miss which looks like a reflective shoe on top of a beautiful, beaded gown. Georgias took a break from her barely-there dance attire with a Cardi B-inspired cutout mini dress and knee-high boots. I just had to add that guest judge Andra Dek looked pretty. Although the look was beautiful, it seems that many queens missed the assignment.

I’m sure you can guess who the big winner this week is (and our MVP). Lady Camden deserves a fair and square win – and she’s extremely attractive. The bottom two picks came down quite a bit, but Bosco’s Basi Saltine and Georgias risked going home as they failed to separate like their fellow Moulin Ru girls.

Bosco and Jorgeous Lips sync in a remix of Whitney Houston’s “Heartbreak Hotel”. Proving once again, beyond the shadow of suspicion, that he has been a lip sink killer for centuries, Georgias gets another save and Bosco has to wait … wait … he has a chocolate bar to open the package … and … he got a golden ticket! She will be able to stay now and we still have seven queens left in the 14-season unfinished story.

And so, we say goodbye to the workroom and runway until next week, where we can really see a queen drop out of the competition. Until then, remember that if you can’t love yourself, how can you love someone else? Can I get an “Amen”?

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