‘Why didn’t they ask Evans?’ Star Lucy Boynton says she’s working with her onscreen mom

By Sarah Quran.

4 minutes ago

“Why didn’t they ask Evans?” A new kill-mystery series that provides some serious star-power.

The Britbox Original Show is adapted and directed by Hugh Lowry, based on a 1934 novel by Agatha Christie.

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The series follows Bobby Jones (Will Poulter) and his friend Lady Frances “Frankie” Darwin (Lucy Boynton) as they discover the body of a dead man who, with his last breath, asks the mysterious question of the series title.

The show stars Emma Thompson and Jim Broadbent as Frankie’s elite parents.

“It was a privilege to see them improvise together, bounce each other and have a lot of fun with the material,” Boyton said while talking about his onscreen mom and dad.

Describing the pair of iconic actors as “inspiring”, he continued, “Sharing space with them was a privilege ৷ Poulter and I just wanted to stand aside.”

Speaking to ET Canada, Boynton further revealed that the show was about to return to the 1930s through its intricate costumes.

Lucy Boynton.  Image courtesy of BritBox
Lucy Boynton. Image courtesy of BritBox
– Photo: Courtesy of BritBox

“I always think that the costume process and the fitting is the first time that you really set foot in that character,” he noted. “The way you put together an ensemble gives you a lot more information about the characters left on the page. Accessing Frankie like that was a really fun experience.”

Meanwhile, Laurie explains why Boynton and Poulter’s chemistry make them the perfect fit for their role in the series.

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“They are adorable,” he said. “They are very bright, funny and quick witted. The most important thing is that they like each other. It must have been done – people made movies, and made love stories where they couldn’t stand each other. Fortunately, they stopped, and were glad to see each other. “

Lorio revealed how it was for both the live and the star in the series.

“It was hard at times but I volunteered for it so it’s my own fault,” he admitted. “I was ready for it, but it’s always weird to do more than one thing at a time. I’m usually not good at doing a lot of things together. It was a challenge, but a very enjoyable one. I had some days where I thought ‘I made a terrible mistake here,’ but the good days outweighed the bad.

“Why didn’t they ask Evans?” Premiere at Britbox on Tuesday 12 April.

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