Why Jim Carrey is taking a break from Hollywood after ‘Sonic 2’ (Exclusive)

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Jim Carrey is stepping off the screen – for now. AndIts Danny Directo spoke with the funny guy at the premiere of “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” in Los Angeles on Tuesday, where he commented that he was taking a break from acting after the much-anticipated sequel.

“I have to get out of here before I can slap anyone,” Carrie joked. “Honestly, I think there’s a lot, because I’ve been busy for so long, I’ve neglected important things. For example, I have to catch 25 years of ‘Mystery Science Theater’. And there are paintings. I paint. I will be putting NFTs. I will announce it on Twitter soon. And it’s still somewhat fun for me. “

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“Other than that, I’m going to fight for exceptions,” he continued. “I want to be terribly normal. Nothing is happening. Nothing at all.”

In the sequel, Carrie reinstates her role as the film’s villain, Dr. Robotnik, who this time teamed up with Knockles (Idris Elba) to hold a powerful emerald that has the power to destroy civilization – that is, save Sonic by punching him.

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Dr. Robotnik only marks the third time that Carrie has relaunched a role and returned for a sequel, a rarity for the 60-year-old actor, who only participated in the sequels to “Dumb and Dumbar” and “S Ventura”.

Jim Carey
Jim Carey
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“I do not know. I can’t serve the same stale dinner, ”Carrie said of her reluctance to take some of her favorite characters farther than the second half. “I always feel like it’s time to do something new. New now. If I had spent all my time – I could have made several sequels for several characters – I thought life was too short. I want to move forward, I want to create. I want to annoy people who are businessmen who want to take advantage of me. “

“I just want to change. Morphing. Challenging people, ”he added.

Learning some dance moves from her grandson Jack, who attended the Tuesday night premiere, is a challenge for Carrie. 12-year-old Carrie was taught how to “floss”, which Dr. Robotnik is seen doing in a sequel.

“I still dance, but I don’t do the real tooth thing,” Carrie joked.

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While the comedian couldn’t help but jump on Jack, Carrie shared that her grandson was too critical of her.

“He’s very critical of what I do,” Carrie shared. “He turned his eyes to me.”

Although Jack is still a child at heart, Carrie says.

“She was going to wear it tonight. She kept her tie at my house and it was her favorite tie. It’s a cat, Santa’s tie. It’s a little cat with Santa in it,” he explained. Kind of innocence. “

Watch Carrey “Floss” and more when “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” hits theaters on April 8.

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