Will Smith and Jada break the silence about Chris Rock’s Oscar smack at the Red Table

Will Smith Rejecting invitation from Good morning America And The Today show To talk about Chris Rock Events and decisions he will spread his courage Jada Pinkett-SmithOf Red table talk.

Sources close to the situation told Radar that Will and his team bombarded with offers from outlets asking the Academy Award winners to choose Chris as their outlet to talk about.

However, we are told Will and Jada had a conversation where they agreed that the situation would be resolved on Jada’s super-successful Facebook show.

He skipped the press line last night after winning the Best Actor award for his role King Richard. We are told that he even refused to speak to reporters at the afterparty.

Will Smith and Jada will break the silence about Chris Rock's Oscar smack in Red Table Talk 3

Sources told us Will and Jada will tape the episode earlier this week. The famous couple thinks that this is the best platform for them to clearly explain their aspects – after a physical reunion with the comedian, he was invited to the event next year.

As Radar has previously reported, Chris appeared to announce the Best Documentary Feature Film award but decided to do some jokes before announcing the winner.

He decided to come for her appearance with a joke about Jadar being bald. He said the actress is ready to appear GI Gen2 – A 1997 reference Demi Moore In that film he famously got his head shaved.

The problem is that Jada was outspoken about her fight with alopecia – a condition that can cause a person to lose their hair. It affects each person individually and hair loss can be temporary or permanent.

Jada is not impressed with the joke and Will clearly notices that his wife is upset. He immediately got into action and quickly got up on stage and walked over to Chis.

He leaned forward to push the comedian in the face, turned around, and then returned to his seat.

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Will Smith & Jada Break Silence About Chris Rock Oscar Smack In Red Table Talk 4

Chris Rock admits to smack but then continues handing out prizes. During business breaks, Denzel Washington And Tyler Perry Went to talk to Will.

Will’s preacher Meredith O’Sullivan Damage was seen to be controlled within moments after being slapped on the stage.

Chris has not yet made a public statement but has refused to press charges against Will.

During his acceptance speech, Will seemed to be talking about the moment he told the crowd, “I know what we do, you will be able to abuse, and you will be able to drive people crazy. In this business, you have to be able to disrespect people and You have to smile and pretend you’re okay. “

He added, “But Richard Williams, and what I like, thank you de Denzel (Washington) told me a few minutes ago, he said, ‘At your best, be careful. That’s when the devil comes for you. “

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