Zazie Beetz wants to return as Domino for ‘Deadpool 3’

Deadpool 3 One of the most anticipated stories for Marvel fans since the release of a sequel in 2018, which was even crazier than the original. Shortly after that premiere, Bought by Disney Fox And among other characters, Loudmouth regains tenant rights. At that point, a reasonable doubt arose about the future of the character played by Ryan Reynolds . Will Mouse House continue to give life to the movie character in spite of its adult humor? Fortunately, we know that some of his characters, such as Domino, will return. Starring Jazzy Beatz.

Beatz debuted in the sequel as a character who had a curious power: always by his side. At first, the protagonist in the red jumpsuit did not believe it was a superhuman ability, as viewers did until we saw him in action. The actress is currently promoting her third and final season Atlanta But in an interview for Screen rent He was asked about a possible return: “I’m so excited. I’m rolling my fingers, hoping Domino is a part of it, and if not, that’s fine too.” Dead Pool 3 Still in the early stages of development, so we don’t know the plot or what the hero will be with Wade Wilson. However, without confirmation, this does not seem possible Zazie Beetz’s Domino will not find a place in the new movie Since he was one of the favorite roles in the sequel

The actress has finished explaining her desire to return in the third part. In addition to Reynolds, the team mentioned by Beatz has a relationship with director Shawn Levy, who was in charge of managing this third part and who was responsible for bringing it in recently. The Adam Project Top 3 most viewed content on Netflix.

This is also not the first time that the actress has spoken of coming back; Inside By 2021, he has already indicated that he would “like to revive the role.” And that, however, he still had no personal conversation about it.

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